Video: Nextgen Reader for Windows Phone 8 Going Live Today with new features

We been testing Nextgen Reader for Windows Phone 8 from its beta and we are happy to share that its going live today!! In fact I already see the update in India for Windows Phone 8 but not yet for Windows Phone 7 yet. Seems like WP8 update went pretty fast.

Below is a quick video of some of the features:

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New Themes:

We already talked about the new features in our last post with snapshots. One thing we did not share was two new themes.

  • Paper Theme : This theme really makes you feel like reading on a newspaper kind of background and found pretty comfortable using it.
  • Teal Theme : If you don’t like dark background and hate the lighter ones at the same time, teal theme brings you in mix.

NGreader Themes for Windows Phone 8

Apart from the themes, some of my favourite features are :

  • Pinning Groups to Start Screen.
  • Fast App Resume
  • Full Article mode which makes sure that you can read articles which are restricted by “Read more” or After Jump Section.
  • Customizable list views to either make it pretty with image thumbnail or keep it on strict text mode.

Article Styles in Ngreader WP8


NextGen Reader Gallery :

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Download NextGen Reader for Windows Phone

You both have trail mode and paid for the app. Download it now!!

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