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Nitro Nation Online : Impressive Online Drag Racing Game for Windows 10 Mobile / Windows Phone

In recent months, a slew of racing games has entered on the Windows Phone / Windows 10 Mobile platform. The new entrant is Creative Mobile’s Nitro Nation Online, a new entry among drag racing games like CSR Racing, Perfect shift, etc. It’s a complete online drag racing game, unlike competitors, as it includes competition with online rivals and trading parts with other players online, and lot’s more.

Nitro Nation Online: Impressive Online Drag Racing Game for Windows 10 Mobile / Windows Phone

Story Challenge

The storyline is pretty much straight forward you start your drag racing career with the first race on an exotic Chevy Camaro with tutorials followed by buying the first car. You can win races, collect money and buy parts, upgrades, and challenge rivals. You can also build your team with a promoter, manager, mechanic, and driver.

Nitro Nation Online Game 1


The gameplay is pretty much smooth with great texture quality, motion blur, and car details. The controls are simple to use. The color marked with yellow, green, and red gives you a fair enough idea of when to shift gears with a simple tap on the gear shift icon. The odometer is nicely detailed with RPM counts.

You can also upgrade your car with performance and visuals upgrades to make your ride a unique mean machine. The garage is well designed, and you can also view it from all angles.

One more thing that looks nice is during loading screens. The game shows the history and other information and facts about various cars, making the loading screen an exciting place to be in. The sound effects of cars, including gear-shift sound, are quite realistic with great background music.


The overall game is quite good and is at par with the other drag racing games, but if you plan to play it on your Windows PC, you will have to look for the alternative as it is only available on Windows Phone.  The good thing is the game is available for free with in-game purchases.

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