Nokia 108 Unboxing & First Impressions

Nokia announced the availability of Nokia 108 yesterday and we have the device with us for a detailed review. Before the detailed review, we will have the unboxing and the first impressions of the device. Nokia 108 is a feature, dual SIM phone which brings in goodness of Nokia 105 with torch and a small camera and long battery life. Those who already have used Nokia 105, this is a minor upgrade because of the camera. Rest, we can tell you once we review the device.

Unboxing Nokia 108:

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My First Impressions:

Nokia 108 looks very similar to Nokia 208 and we call it the mini-me version of 208 because of the candy style. The build quality looks great, especially the keypad which is easy to press and built using quality material. The buttons may appear to be separate but they are sturdy and tightly packed to keep off dust and water. ( Not Waterproof though).

Inside, there are two slots side by side which can hold the SIM cards. In this phone you will be able to slide in the standard SIM and not the micro-SIM. That said, this is a huge advantage for the phone because in India, micro-SIMs are still not in abundance.

The OS running in the phone is S30 which gives you access to all basic features of phone including calls, emails, messages. The phone also has FM Radio, FM radio recorder and Torch.

The camera is just 0.3 MP which needs SD card to save the pictures. You can use 32GB of SD card in the phone.


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  1. this is value for money device. Just close your eyes and purchase one phone. i am using this phone and battery backup is 4days with two sim cards . Speaker and voice call quality is like 5 or 10k range phone. No voice leakage and and you can hear voice call in party or in traffic very clearly. Bluetooth is not compatible with bluetooth headset version 2. But for sharing photos, songs, and videos slam feature is very good with any type of bluetooth mobile. Camera is acceptable in rs. 1950. The things i dont like are when phone is in standbye mode it will only show you the time ,and for date, miss calls and massage notification you have to go on main screen. Any multimedia feature like camera and mp3 player won’t work without memory card. Overall if you want to use only a phone i.e. (For your mother or grandmother, students) than take nokia 108 in just rs. 1950 and if you already have a smart phone and need a phone for secondary purpose take nokia 107 in rs. 1600.
    Nokia 107 is same as nokia 108 except camera.
    But nokia 107 differance is you will get notification on standbye mode with time and date , two extra games with snake 2 , and radio alarm tone. Nothing else. So i suggest spent 300rs. Extra and purchase nokia 108. And be happy :-) for queries [email protected]

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