Nokia 108 vs Nokia 107 : 108 as Primary & 107 as Secondry Phone

We reviewed both Nokia 108 and Nokia 107 recently and while both the mobile phones are almost the same, there are some substantial differences which you should know when choosing between them. Now, before I start with details, the price difference between the devices is just 300 Rs in Indian currency and I would be ready to pay that 300 extra to grab a Nokia 108 compared to Nokia 107.

Nokia 108 vs Nokia 107

Difference by Specification:

CategoryNokia 108Nokia 107Impact
Display-RGB StripeText looks crisper
Camera0.3 MPUseful if its your primary phone
BluetoothFile Sharing via SLAM--Sharing pictures and video is easy.
Storage32 Gb Storage16 GBWant more space, pick Nokia 108. Again for Primary users

Video Comparison:

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So while Nokia 108 and 107 both have same screen size, Nokia 107 supports RGB Stripe which makes text crisper compared to 108. Though you may not find a substantial difference but text does make a bit of difference because of this.

When it comes to file sharing,  Nokia 107 stays stranded because of the missing Bluetooth. Nokia 108 like Nokia 301 has Bluetooth sharing using Nokia’s own Bluetooth slam tech which works almost like NFC. Though both of them does support SD card, Sharing via Bluetooth is one feature used a lot in India.

A 0.3MP camera hardly makes any difference but if you are taking this as your primary phone, there is no point in picking up 107. Plus you get 32GB SD card support which lets you store more data and space for camera.

When it comes to software interface, Nokia 108 has better interface compared to 107. Many of you might call it as minor, but feature like FM recording is important.

So if you should be buying a Nokia 107 or Nokia 108?

If you are looking for a feature phone at low cost but as primary phone, pick up a Nokia 108 which has camera, Bluetooth, 32 GB SD card support and so on while if you are looking for a low cost secondary phone, Nokia 107 is a better choice as you wont be able to drain battery by any means except by talking longer on the phone.

Where to Buy ?

You can straight away place your order at Flipkart. For Nokia 107, follow this link while for Nokia 108, click here.

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