Nokia Updates its core apps, while Samsung Adds New Apps for Windows Phone

Samsung and Nokia are on the roll by updating their core apps while users around the world are waiting for the GDR2 update which has been sighted here and there but still yet to come.

Display + Touch / Extra + Info

Saw this update early morning and I was pretty excited that may be, just may be the GDR2 update will be there but naah!!!  I have a Lumia 920 which isn’t running GDR2. Extra + Info says that there is a new setting for Accessories section while WPCentral Folks report that this has included Call + SMS filter as an additional settings.

Call Blocker setting has been always an exclusive to Samsung devices which was available for their Windows Phone 8 devices and many of us tried hacking and installing it on Lumia but they never worked because they need the right driver. Check out the video below for complete details:

Display + Touch is also updated for Quick Mode in Glance Settings which will come with Nokia’s Amber update announced during Lumia 925 announcement.

Artistic Effect / Fun Shot / Color Effect

Being second in top Windows Phone devices, Samsung has introduced three new apps for their Windows Phone users — Artistic Effect, Fun Shot and Color Effect.  I really doubt this will happen often but for those users who went for Samsung ATIV S, this is a good news.

Each of these apps use camera and apply different effects. As an example, Artistic Effect applies filters while Fun shot is to add effects like Bulge, Pinch, Twirl, Twist, Squeeze, Stretch, Mirror, Kaleidoscope, Tunnel and Spotlight.  While Colour Effect allows to add Vintage, Old photo, Grey-scale, Sepia, Retro, Sunshine, Downlight, Blue wash, Nostalgia, Yellow glow, Faded colours, Invert, Sharpen, Soft glow and Blur.

Looking at them it seems like Samsung still is going for Number Game here because all these apps could have been well added into one app and rolled out as camera app instead of individual app firing up camera. Via AAWP

Samsung Camera Apps for Windows Phone 8

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