Nokia Drive Update Adds My Commute, Automatic Day/Night Mode and More

Nokia has rolled out a new update for its Nokia Drive application, available for the Lumia phones, that brings with it quite a bunch of new features and enhancements.

My Commute :

Firstly, the update brings ‘My Commute’ that will automatically learn from your driving preferences and then use the latest traffic information to provide quickest route to your most commonly visited places.

So depending on when you leave mostly from your home to your regular destination, the app can suggest your a route to a destination an hour before, depending on the traffic conditions.

Nokia Drive My Commute

The Live tile can tell you how long it will take to reach your destination. So when you start, you can use the same tile to find the best route of the regular routes you take.

Next when you start traveling, the commute still monitors traffic on your route and others. In case of accident, it can set off an alarm and suggest you to take a different route when possible.

Sadly, this feature will only work in places where the traffic data is available.

In addition to this, the update brings automatic switching between Day and Night mode depending on the timing. Lastly, users can now pin their most visited or favorite places right on their home screen for one-tap access to directions to it.

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