Nokia Drive XAP File Leaks; Works On All Unlocked WP7 Phones

Looks like none of the Nokia Apps will be exclusive just to Nokia Handsets. After Nokia Music App &  Map, Now Nokia Drive XAP is on loose which I saw in XDA forum and I can confirm that it works on my Samsung Focus and should work on all other 1st Generation phones also which have got mango if you have it unlocked.

What is Nokia Drive :

Nokia Drive App guides you where you want to go with voice-guided turn-by-turn directions.   It does a real time tracking of your location and this is supposed to be used when you are driving or in a car which means it can track your location, speed, distrance driven etc.

If you are very enthusiastic, you can choose 3D mode which actually shows 3D buildings, Birdges etc and if you are traveling in night, there is a night mode for you.

Nokia Drive Drive To

Settings it up :

You will need to download maps for the place you are in or if you are planning to go somewhere, you can download that particular map. This will save lot of bandwidth as map sizes are huge but it depends if you are downloading for a country like US it is 1.7 Gb while if you trim it down to a city like Kolkata, it is 29MB.

You will also need to download the Voice Assistant which will speak up when you get turn by trun direction. Even for this lot of languages are available which includes Hindi also. However to use this you will need to be connected to internet all the time which is a bummer.

Using it :

Select Menu Option and then choose Destination. You can search and set a location. Next You can then choose Drive to to get turn bu turn direction.

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Gallery :

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Ashish Mohta
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  1. Nokia Drive also saves your search history so that the user can easily get traffic updates to their regular commutes. This also means you can quite easily select any of your previous destinations. The fact that Nokia Drive has a database of over 100 countries and that it can be used offline as well, is something that will really click with the viewers.

  2. No, the issue is i’m not so familiar with the developing tools etc…
    I’m now downloading/installing the SDK 7.1 tool and will somehow try to add the file to my device.

    Btw, how can I know if my device is an UNLOCKED one?

    P.S. I installed (or is it called “flashed”) the NoDo update when it arrived on it, using some tools and a guy sending me instructions.


  3. In that case You just need the SDK installed and use the deployment tool to send the file over. If you need specific instruction let me know.

  4. I tried paying a token for the Chevron but no use, since my country is not enlisted (politics…)

    Would highly appreciate if you find time to help me on this.
    In anyway, thanks a lot!

  5. This is the easiest and rest is costly or painful, it also means you will not get updates easily. Let me see if there is any other way.

  6. How You been able to source the latest updated XAP? It seems according to the latest update the app now has full offline support :)

  7. Ashish,

    It seems nokia drive 1.0 requires internet connection to start. Once the application is started, you don’t require internet connection if you have already downloaded maps on to your device. At least, it worked for me in this way.

    WP7 mango multitasking, you don’t have to close it anyway. Alternatively, we can install nokia drive 2.0 for true offline navigation.


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