How does Nokia Lumia 630 work without Proximity Sensor

Most of the smartphones releasing presently have the proximity sensor. Proximity sensors are commonly used on phones to detect (and skip) accidental touchscreen taps when held to the ear during a call. So when you dial a number and place the phone near your ears, the display turns off to prevent any accidental clicks. Nokia Lumia 630, which is the latest Windows Phone 8.1 smartphone from the company, does not come with proximity sensor and also ambient light sensor.

So how does Lumia 630 detect when you are placing calls? Will the lack of this sensor on Lumia 630 cause issues when making calls?

Lumia 630 sensor

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Lumia 630’s method of locking the screen is completely different from the one known in any other Windows Phones. You will not find here the proximity sensor on this phone, but instead this screen will lock or turn off when you keep the upper part of the display close to the ears or cheeks.

The device comes with a new technology in touch panels that can measure electrostatic voltage. As you can see from the image above, any large about placed near the upper part of display will lock the screen and there by preventing any accidental click during calls.

So even if there is no proximity sensor on Lumia 630, you do not have to worry about accidental click while making and receiving calls.

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