Nokia Lumia 800 Priced At Rs 29,999 In India; It’s a Fail Of Epic Proportion!

While Nokia announced the Lumia 800 in India last month, along with a vague release date of sometime in the middle of December, it did not mention as to how much the handset will cost. The company stated that it will announce the price of the handset just a few days before it hits the retail stores.

Nokia Lumia India Price Tweet by Nokia


Considering the Lumia 800 went on pre-order in Nokia’s Priority Stores across India, it was just a matter of time before the company announced the final price of the handset.

Now, just a couple of hours ago, Nokia announced via its Twitter profile that the ‘Best Buy’ price of Lumia 800 will be Rs 29,999.

Considering all the high-end Android smartphones also cost the same including the Samsung Galaxy S2, I doubt the Lumia 800 will find many takers at that price in India. I don’t think other than die hard Nokia or WP7 fans, anyone else will be buying the Lumia 800 at its release price in India.

Until and unless, Nokia lowers the price of the Lumia 800 to at least 25k, I don’t think it will find much takers in the Indian Market.

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  1. Few things I should mention here.
    1. Just because you have a similar spec Android phone in that range, all other phones need to priced lower that it.
    2. Secondly there is something called build quality which is miles away from the Samsung Galaxies
    3. The touch experience and responsiveness is simply awesome.
    Having said that there are limitations to the OS in the form of a weak market place.
    I feel this phone will still sell good, just because its a “Nokia” product. Believe me, there are millions of people who haven’t still heard about Ändroid”, but knows the household name “Nokia”!

  2. @MichaelxHell well, the #Lumia800 battery gave up yesterday, after 38 hours.

    @MichaelxHell how did u used it ? Games apps details please

    @WPXBOX light to medium usage. some standby time while at work, but there was a good 2-3 hr calls, same time internet, mails every 15 min

    @WPXBOX mostly connected via WLAN + EDGE, BT off

    If this is true, its worth.

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