Nokia Lumia 800 To Get Internet Connection Sharing Feature In 2012

Update : A bit late but finally Lumia 800 and 710 has the Internet Sharing with 8773 Update. Check it out here,  and if you havent got the udpate, you can manually force updating using this tutorial.

One of the highlighted features of Windows Phone Mango was that like Android and iOS, WP7.5 Mango running phones could also tether their 3G connection to other wireless devices using Wi-Fi. At that time, Microsoft had stated the first gen WP7 handsets won’t get the update, since they lack the required hardware.

However, it was just a matter of days before the Homebrew community for WP7 managed to get Internet Connection Sharing to work on 1st gen WP7 handsets. The mod also worked on some 2nd gen WP7 handsets, on which Internet Connection Sharing was removed by the operator/carrier.

For some strange reason, the recently released Lumia 800, which is the first and the ‘real’ Windows Phone smartphone from the Finnish giant, lacked Internet Connection Sharing feature right out of the box. The company did not mention as to why the feature is not present, and whether they plan to add it in the future or not.

Now, Nokia Italy has confirmed that the company plans on adding the Internet Connection Sharing feature on the Lumia 800 (and hopefully the Lumia 710) sometime in 2012. The company does not mention an exact time-frame as to when it intends to roll out this feature to Lumia 800 users. It might be possible that the Internet Connection Sharing features gets added to the Lumia 800 in the software update its supposed to get in early 2012.

Another confirmation came from Nokia Connect Blog yesterday, when they gave out details of Lumia 900. It is confirmed that Lumia 900 and 610 ( as spotted ) will have internet tethering right from the day of launch while Lumia 800 and 710 will get an update via Zune.

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  1. Don’t ever believe or buy this phone based on a promise. Cellphone companies and builders always promise updates and fixes that never ever come. If you want to Tether tell NOKIA HQ and tell them until they fix this you will buy Android or Apple

  2. Its very funny. Nokia’s answer to me was that not decision has been made on this matter. The typical bullshit answer. I also asked them by who’s request was this left out of the phone. Again just political bullshit. Why is it these who want us as customers will not talk to us like adults and just tell the truth. It is amazing how many customers they are not getting who are still signing up for Apple and Android because of answers like these. Lets face. They could care less about the customer

  3. This feature is very important for me as I frequently go to customer place and required to access the internet.

    I have no choice and use back my Applie iPhone. Waste my money!!!!
    Cross my fingers to get this feature enable in Lumina 800 :-(

  4. Scandal! How want Nokia and Microsoft compete with android and iPhone with this anti-historical limitations driven by Telco companies?!

  5. I really wasted my money on buying Lumia 800 . I have collected this money for long time now …… but Nokia has just betrayed me. I bought it $630 dollar.
    any one reads this message please be carefull not waste your money like me.

  6. It will be my last Nokia!!!! N’est time Samsung Android! Lumia is a copy of the shit restrictions prestent in iPhones! So many useful functions I had on 3 years old Nokiaphone vanished! Big disapoint for me!!!!

  7. Waste my money bought thus phone.shit, time Nokia make sure first enable the sharing hotspot feature before sell to people

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