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Nokia Maps Leaks For All Windows Phone 7 Handsets

Back at Nokia World 2011, the company announced their first “real” Windows Phone Mango powered phones, the Lumia 800 and the Lumia 710. Thanks to the Nokia-MS partnership, Nokia was able to bundle the Nokia Maps application on their WP7 phones.

Nokia Maps in conjunction with Nokia Drive, will provide the company’s WP7 handset owners with free walk and drive voice-guided satellite navigation, as available in their Symbian phones. The Nokia Maps app will eventually hit the Windows Phone Marketplace, and will thus be available to all WP7 handsets sans turn-by-turn voice-navigation though.

Thankfully, one member over at XDA forums has managed to get his hands on the leaked XAP file of the Nokia Maps, which works on all WP7 handsets. Interested WP7 users, who have unclocked their phone, can download and install the XAP file from here. Unlike Nokia Maps on Symbian, WP7 users need to have access to a working data connection so as to use Nokia Maps.

Below are some screenshots of the app –

Nokia Maps Starting Screen

Via (Winrumors)

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