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Nokia Pulse comes to Windows Phone and Symbian

Nokia Pulse is a Private Conversation tool which you can use along with your friends and family without exposing anything to the public world. It also includes Adding Photos, Tagging, Check in to Locations like nearby restaurants.

There is already a Web Version and now we have App for Windows Phone and Symbian Phones also. For older Nokia Phones like Series 40 it’s still under development.

I would not be surprised if you people will start using this instead of other messaging service which involves group conversations.

Nokia Pulse Group Conversations

How to use Nokia Pulse on Windows Phone

  • You need an Account with Nokia which can be registered either from the app or do it at http://pulse.nokia.com/welcome
  • Your Email and Phone Number are verified and they cannot be reused in any other account.
  • Next  Lets say if you are going out in a trip, Create Group and Add them to the group.
  • If everybody has created a Nokia Account with Pulse, they can use the Web or the App to communicate with each other.
  • Next everything is like a Big Chat Group. You can send message about which everybody will be notified, you can check in add pictures and so on.
  • Since it uses your location in background, you can see users where they are.
  • For Windows Phone, The location is displayed on Bing Maps but if you use the Web Version, it will send you to Nokia Maps.

Video Demo :

The Interface :

It is designed precisely like any other app and use the pivots. You have Pivots for Latest Update, People and Management for every group. Overall its pretty smooth except the picture picker which does not response sometimes.

Screenshots :
[minigallery id=”914″ style=”box border box_white”]

What I Find missing ?

The integration with Windows Phone is missing here except that you can pull contacts from People Hub. Apart from that the notifications are still separate ( Would loved it at the Me Tile ), No Option to use the Nokia Map Web Interface and I don’t find any option to make this whole group thing public and post to Facebook if all group member agreed.

Download from MarketPlace :

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