Nokia Sold 4 Million Lumia In Q2, 2012; Future Still Not Looking Good!

Yesterday, Nokia announced its Q2 earnings of 2012, and things are not looking good for the company at all. The company reported a whopping operating loss of €826, with total sales of 10.2 million units compared to 16.7 million units sold in the same quarter in 2011. The Finnish giant did manage to sell 4 million Lumia units in Q2 of 2012.

The bad news is that Nokia will need to sell its outdated Symbian and Lumia handsets in Q3, until Windows Phone 8 based phones hit the market sometime in Q4 of this year. Rumors do suggest that WP8 will hit RTM sometime in October, so we should see some WP8 handsets sometime in late-October to early-November.

Most of the company’s (Nokia) executives are happy on the less than anticipated loss, and the 4 million sales figure of the Lumia handsets. Earlier today, Microsoft reported that around 5 million WP handsets were sold in Q2, and Nokia sold the majority of it  (80%).

With the next-generation iPhone and the Nexus also to be releasing in late Q3-early Q4, Nokia and Microsoft should be worried. The Redmond based company has already ditched its existing WP7.5 user-base by not providing them the WP8 upgrade. This, without a doubt, has shaken the confidence of the consumers and developers alike, on the platform.

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