Nokia Teasing with Apple TV Like Product; Announcement Tomorrow

While many of us expected Nokia to come back to handset business, it seems Nokia is thinking something different, some ahead and it looks like a box, very close to a setup-box and even closer to what Apple TV looks like. This is the second teaser they did, the first came with all hands up, which we thought has to do something with wearable, but this looks totally different.

Nokia Setup Box

There are lot of speculations around right now, Setup-box is what is on the top right now with guesses that it could be an Android TV. The company recently discusses to license Nokia brand to third party hardware as the good will of the company is pretty high. We are pretty sure it has nothing to do with Microsoft this time.

What do you think? Would You be buying the product just because it’s from Nokia or you would really want it to be that useful. Share your thoughts.

Source: Nokia (Twitter), (Facebook)

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