Nokia WP7 Interop Unlock using an exploit is out (Update: Nokia Responds In Action!)

Heathcliff74 has found an exploit which allows you to Interop Unlock your Nokia Lumia Windows Phone so you can run the native code based XAP files using the Nokia Network Setup app. He is the same guy who gave us the Backup / Restore Windows Phone Tool. To unlock follow the steps below as mentioned in the post after you have backed up your windows phone

  • Install the Nokia Network Setup App
  • Download the XAP and deploy it using any of your favorite XAP deployer.
  • Once deployed, launch the Nokia Network setup app and you should get the Interop Unlocked message.
  • You can very well uninstall both the apps and even then your phone will be interop unlock.

This looks similar to Samsung Interop Unlock which came along with Internet Sharing Hack few days back. Though we are still waiting for somebody to it and confirm back from a Nokia Lumia Holder which was recently launched in UK along with the extrusive Nokia Drive App.

Update: Sadly, thanks to all the attention the vulnerability has received, Nokia has apparently pulled the Network Setup app back from the Windows Phone Marketplace. The only silver lining is that the XAP is available freely on the Internet, but has some installation issue

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