Nokia X, X+ and XL Getting App Switcher, Microsoft Services and Improved Store; Update Rolling Out

When Nokia X2 was announced with new hardware and software features, It wasn’t clear which features will be made available for the the X, X+ and XL series as there are some hardware limitations. Good news is that Conversation blog has posted details of features coming to those handsets.

Nokai X Series Software Update

App Switcher : Similar to X2, this will be visible when you swipe down from the top of the screen and then tap the switcher icon. This will then give you a list of running apps. Tap on the X icon to close the app or select an app to switch.

Microsoft services:, OneDrive and OneNote will be available and integrated after the update.

Improved Nokia Store: While you can access the third party store apps directly, they are also integrated in the Nokia Store to display suggestion of the apps which are also available else where. This update will not include a new Home screen Spotlight widget for app discovery and one-click downloads for faster access to apps.

What is still not available ?

The app drawer or the app list and new notification center is still not there. The notification center you would see after update will just have the app switcher and button to open settings directly.

How to update:

When the updates are available, you should get a pus notification prompting you to download. If not, you can manually check by navigating to settings > About phone > System updates > Check now. That said, the update might not be visible right away so make sure to check back later. Also recommend you guys to update via WIFI.

Via Conversation