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Nokia’s WP7 Music Player App Leaks; Works on All Unlocked Windows Phones

Earlier today we reported that the Nokia Maps application has leaked online, and is now available for all unlocked WP7 handsets. Now, the folks over at SmartPhoneGurus have managed to extract the Music player installed in Nokia’s WP7 phones, and have successfully managed to get it working on other WP7 phones as well.

Nokia Music My music

Compared to the music player found in all other WP7 phones, the music player found in Nokia’s WP7 has some nice new additions, including Nokia’s Gig Finder. Using Gig Finder, a user can find out when and where a specific artist will be performing. Gig Finder will also provide users with directions to the event, and even allow sharing it on Facebook and/or Twitter.

Below is a video of the Nokia’s Music player app in action -:

Sadly, like all other WP7 Music players, even the Nokia Music player lacks an equalizer. The UI of the Nokia’s Music player is also not radically different from the stock WP7 music player. The main difference however is the sound quality. The sound quality is much better when played via Nokia’s music player app, compared to the stock WP7 music player.

Screenshots :

[minigallery id=”1050″ style=”box border box_white”]

Interested WP7 handset owners can download and install the XAP file from there.

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  1. WP7 and Zune are such great products, its a shame they have such crappy sound quality. When I first compared my Focus S with my iPhone 4 on music quality I wad like “WTF”!


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