Nvidia is working with Microsoft on Windows 10 on ARM

First, it was Qualcomm which was reported to be working with Microsoft, and then Intel showed up, and today we are hearing that even Nvidia is onboard for the party. Just in case you do not remember, Nvidia was one of the OEMs who pushed for Windows RT, which eventually failed.

That said, its pretty clear that if Windows 10 ARM has to be successful, Microsoft will have to bring onboard all the OEM to try it out. As Microsoft doesn’t manufacture their own hardware for Windows 10 except Surface devices, and pretty much depends on OEMs like Samsung, Asus, Dell, and so on to cater Windows 10, it’s a possibility one cannot deny.

This report came in from Fudzilla, which also claim that Samsung will be onboard with it as well.

When Microsoft will launch Windows 10 ARM, we will see some set of users who will wait for Windows 10 ARM to take off because Windows RT was a bad experience. Personally, I believe that Windows 10 ARM will be a completely different ball game because Microsoft will be supporting WIN32 or apps which run on X86

Starting from this month end, and next 3 months we should be hearing more about Windows 10 ARM.

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