Oculus lowers RIFT Pricing to $399 to Compete with Windows 10 Mixed Reality which is not yet ready for Prime Time

When Microsoft announced native support for Mixed Reality with Windows 10 Fall Creators Update along with most affordable Headsets from various OEM at a price tag of $299 to $499, it made a huge dent in Ocuclus Ecosystem. The dent was not just because the price was low, but it was because, with Windows 10 MR, the need for complex camera setup and high-end PC was gone.

Finally, this has forced Oculus to lower the price drop of Oculus Rift headset to a surprising $399 for the headset and controllers. The usual price was $799. Oculus clearly stated that this price drop is permanent, and not a festival offer.While this does make Oculus RIFT look cheesy, but the need of high-end hardware requirement and complex camera setup is still there.

Why did Oculus lower the price of Oculus Rift?

IMO its Oculus strategic move to see if they can compete with Windows 10 Mixed Reality which is still mostly VR, and not ready for prime time until next year. It is hard to doubt that Oculus is a novice when it comes to VR. They had been in this area for some long time, and RIFT does offer advanced display tech, low-latency tracking system, natural gestures, and finger movement and so on.

While Windows 10 MR headsets are still evolving, Rift is definitely one step ahead, and they can compete with Windows 10 Mixed Reality for those who have high-end PC for some time on the VR front, and who knows can evolve.



Oculus can always fall back to support Mixed Reality when the time comes.  There are two types of Mixed Reality for Windows 10, and the Ultra MR is what Oculus might be aiming for in future.

Oculus shared on their official blog post:

Each Rift bundle comes with Touch controllers, sensors, and six free apps that give you hours of entertainment including Epic’s arcade shooter, Robo Recall, and our creative tools, Medium and Quill.

This new permanent price opens up PC VR to the widest audience yet. And more people in VR means more people to play, connect, and share with, whether you’re diving into groundbreaking new first-person shooters like ARKTIKA.1 or exploring the depths of space in the award-winning Echo franchise.

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