Oculus “Santa Cruz” Wire Free VR headset will be limited by its own Miniaturized Hardware

Oculus is all set to go wire-free experience when it comes to VR. The company wants to get rid of the tangling wires, and high-end PC config and is all ready to introduce wireless, device-free experience with its next version of Santa Cruz hardware. The company showed off PC VR experience to an untethered form factor last year at Oculus Connect.

Today, Oculus shared a much more refined version of it, which is sleeker, and now includes true six-degrees-of-freedom motion control. It claims it as the first headset with full “inside-out” tracking.  Along with this, Santa Cruz hardware now also includes two positionally tracked controllers. These controllers have infrared LEDs that work with the inside-out sensors on the headset. This makes it possible to achieve large controller tracking volume, allowing for natural and unrestricted movement.

Source: Oclus.com

While the new hardware is all set to go free from everything, and Oculus is looking for many possibilities, the fact remains that it’s going to be capped by the miniaturized hardware. It’s not something which you can upgrade by replacing a part, it’s a full package, and we will definitely see many versions of it just like the Oculus Go.

I won’t be surprised if developers demand an option where it can connect to a PC when needed so when there are apps that need more hardware, the PC can deliver it. This is the primary reason why Windows 10 Mixed Reality headset or even the Oculus RIFT connect with a PC. While I am not against it going free, all I am suggesting here is an option.  Something like a pair of USB Type-C ports can help which can send data back, and forth and it will open up all the possibilities.

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