Office Delve is now Available on Windows 10 in Preview

If you are one of those person heavily invested in Office 365, Delve is one essential tool you need to try. Its a centralised tool which allows you to get access to the data that matters to you. It could be a document, somebody on your organisation, notifications from your team mates working on document and so on. It works with Office 365 work or school account that has Office Delve enabled by your Office 365 admin.

It comes with card based dashboard which gives you quick look to documents that matters most, and displays information instantly. You’ll be notified about document updates, and get document suggestions that are relevant to your work. You can also find people and get back to your recent documents.


Key features of the app:

  • Get updates about what your colleagues are working on
  • Find relevant documents and attachments based on people you know
  • Get back to important documents you’re actively working on

This is available for Office 365 customers, and those who have Delve installed in the company. On Windows 10 Mobile it is only available to Office Insiders. The App is also available for Windows 10 PC.

Price: Code needed
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