Office Word gets “Editor” to help writers with Spelling, Grammar and Writing Style Recommendations

Office 365 is rolling out a new feature for Office Word which will help writers to improve their writing style with new suggestions. Office Word had been great for document creating, spell check and others, but for the first time, Microsoft is getting a feature which will eventually help to develop new skills.

Enter “Editor” which will assist you in your digital writing. Microsoft is using machine learning and natural language processing technologies to show why certain words or phrases in your document or email may not be accurate – in turn educating you, improving your writing style and making your document or email easier to read.

The new Editor pane is being shown alongside a document being written. The Editor pane is showing recommendations for more concise language for a highlighted passage.

If you are an editor, I am sure this sounds familiar. Services like Grammarly had been doing this from some time, and it’s pretty clear Microsoft wants to bring a similar service on board with their product.

Below is a sample screenshot which explains what it’s doing:

Writing style error

Word checks for potential writing and style issues and indicates the word or phrase with a dotted gold underline when it sees something which needs improvement.  When you press the dotted line below a word, right click on the word or phrase and consider one of the alternative suggestions to correct the writing style issue. The feature comes with assistive technology for those who are challenged in this section. You can hear it aloud as well.

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