Insiders Helped Microsoft to Figure which WP 8.1 Devices Should be Skipped from Windows 10 Upgrade

One of the most common question asked to Microsoft Insiders Chief Gabriel Aul is why where some of the handsets, including those who have 1 GB RAM like Lumia 1020, were skipped to an official upgrade. These are the same devices on which Windows 10 Mobile was tested using the Insiders Program.  So did Microsoft randomly chose them? Nope.

Windows 10 Mobile Upgrade Advisor Not Supported

In an response to a tweet he said “Higher % of reports of performance issues, lower % of votes of likely to recommend”. These reports were sent by the Insiders & Votes that were given by the Insiders. Microsoft picked up based on reports. Hard fact that even though some devices had powerful hardware, the overall experience, and performance was not just up to the mark. Feedbacks & Testing are always vital in deciding which devices should receive the upgrade. Insiders helped in that decision.

While it is true, that so many are being left behind, but would it have been right if Microsoft had rolled out upgrade to all ? Even if they knew it will never perform ?

Those devices were not capable of delivering the experience that could have lived consume’s expectations. Would not we all have been firing canons left and right towards Microsoft for rolling out buggy updates ?

There is another way to think on it. Devices like Lumia 520 are three year old, legacy devices and running 512 MB RAM. Its difficult to get the OS run smoothly on them.

While you can still upgrade to Windows 10 Mobile through insiders, but expect performance issue, and its going to unsupported.

At least you know now that Microsoft didn’t do a lottery to pick the devices.

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