Official WP apps for India Today and Business Today, Live in Marketplace

Seems like all Newspaper Groups are in rush for releasing their apps for Windows Phone. Starting with Times of India & Economic Times, NDTV and now its Business Today and Indian Today Windows Phone and Mango Supported apps released by Living Media India Limited Group.

Indian Today and Business Today

Features :

  • Indian Today brings latest news, videos, pictures while Business Today gets you Big Stories, Tops News .
  • One thing which I noticed about these apps are they are smoother and very simple compared to the other apps. Each articles lines up with Thumbnail and summary which opens up on tap.
  • I was able to switch between apps and there was no resume thingy that came up, it just switched nicely.
  • Allows users to comment on any of the article very easily. The comment form look like a standard WordPress Comment Form.
  • Sharing is through Social Network feature in Windows Phone.
  • You also have related stories done in both the apps.
  • Video gets played in default player.

Specifically for India Today  the picture viewer has a slide show feature in-built which is awesome and it also brings in a call button which lets you call them instantly. You also have option for changing text size.

Though Business Today is done on the same way but its missing the Business Part specially the market and stocks. I would rather expect lot more from Business App than just news.

Windows Phone Owners in India can download the India Today and Business Today from Marketplace

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