Oh Yeah! Font Management is coming to Windows 10 Settings App, If you Care!

If you had always found Managing, and Installing new Fonts difficult, Windows 10 Future updates will include a dedicated page in Settings App form where you can manage all fonts, if you care. Rafael Rivera at Thurrot was able to enable this new setting in Redstone 4 build 17074. Below are the steps which you can follow to enable them on your PC as well.  No guarantees though!

  • Launch Microsoft Store on your PC, and type Fonts and make a search.
  • In the result, expand the search result for Apps.
  • Look for the font named as “Arial Nova”, and install it using the GET button.
  • One it is installed, click on the Launch button, and it will take you to the new Font Page. Remember you can find this page using search option in Windows.
  • It will be finally available under Settings > Personalization

It was recently noticed that Fonts are now available through the store along with the language packs. Also, these Fonts are now installed on your PC just like any other app which includes an option to terminate, and even reset.



Clicking an installed font takes you to a new page with a mishmash of popular functionality. At the top sits an innocuous uninstall button. Clicking that does what you’d expect – it removes the font from your system, and makes it unavailable to all your apps, including CreataCard Platinum. Following that is a new preview area that allows you to check out how a typeface appears in various styles, variants, and sizes. And you can also use the textbox to (finally) provide your own preview text.

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