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Which One to Choose: Office 365 vs Microsoft Office Suite

When it comes to buying Microsoft Office, people are provided with multiple options. But you must get an idea about these various options and their differences before you can get into buying and using the same. As Microsoft Office Suite 2016 and Office 365 are two of the latest versions of Microsoft Office available to the users, we will concentrate on the difference between the two for today’s article. This article will clear all your doubts you have in mind about Office 365 vs Office Suite; thus, help you to decide which one is appropriate for your needs.

 Office 365 vs Office Suite

Which One to Choose: Office 365 vs Microsoft Office Suite

1] Apps and Pricing

Microsoft Office 365 works on a subscription basis. You can either get the monthly subscription or the yearly one. In the yearly subscription, you get a discount, which translates to a few months of free subscription. However, in the monthly subscription option, although you need to pay a bit more, you also have the option to opt-out when necessary. This option is hence perfect for the students as they can stop the subscription when not in need of Microsoft Office 365. The former option is, however, better for people who work on Microsoft Office 265 throughout the year.

Microsoft Office Suite, on the other hand, is a one-time purchase product. With Microsoft Office Suite, you need to buy the product just once, along with all the necessary app such as Word, Excel, OneNote, and PowerPoint, and you can use it forever. So, if you are looking for a product which you won’t have to renew again and again, then Suite is better suited for you.

One of the benefits of Microsoft Office 365 is the fact that when you continuously keep subscribing, you get constant updates on your Microsoft Office 365. So, when you use your Microsoft Office 365 in 2025, you will be using Microsoft Office 365 version 2025. But in Microsoft Office Suite, you will only get security and bug updates. Hence in 2025, you will still be using Microsoft Office 2016 if you are currently using it.

2] Connectivity

Microsoft Office Suite needs you to connect to the internet when you download, install, and register. You can use the apps in offline mode after that. However, you will need internet connectivity to get the regular security updates that are received from Microsoft from time to time.

It is the same with Microsoft Office 365. After the initial download, installation, and registration, you can operate it in an offline mode. You need to get online for subscription purposes. You need to be connected to the internet in case you want to upload your files on OneDrive. But if you have your desktop synced to OneDrive, then you can save your files on your desktop, and it will get synced to OneDrive whenever you are online. But if you use your apps offline for more than 39 days, then you may receive a message that your product is not licensed.

If you don’t need to use the internet regularly, then you’ll be better off with Microsoft Office Suite.

3] Multiple Devices

When it comes to the installation of Microsoft Office Suite, you can install the same on only one device with one purchase. Hence, if you have multiple devices that require Microsoft Office, you will have to buy separate products for each device you own. It will cause an add up on the cost of purchase.

With Microsoft Office 365, if you have multiple devices, you can install the same on all of them. If you purchase Microsoft Office 365 Home, you can install it on 5 PC or Mac along with five tablets and five phones. Even if you have the Personal version, you can install it on one PC or Mac, one tablet and one phone. Hence it helps in cost-saving options.

When it comes to Windows phones, they get Microsoft Office Suite for free without any subscription. But Microsoft Office 365 offers many more features and hence is more desirable.

Hence if you are a person who is used to working on multiple devices, then Microsoft Office 365 will be perfect for you.

4] Cloud Storage

Microsoft Office Suite will have just 5 GB space available for free on OneDrive as a part of the cloud storage. If you want to have 50 GB of space on OneDrive, then it comes at a cost.

With Microsoft Office 365, you get 1 TB free space on OneDrive as a part of cloud storage. This 1 TB can be shared among all the devices in which Microsoft Office 365 has been installed. It provides 365 users with a fantastic deal with ample storage space.

5] Customer Support

Once you are past the initial installation stage, you will not receive any tech support when it comes to Microsoft Office Suite. You have to deal with all the troubles you face on your own.

In case you are using Microsoft Office 365, you will receive prompt tech support from Microsoft. As you are in a constant subscription mode, you will always be connected to the tech support people, and you will receive immediate help from team Microsoft.

So basically, if you are comfortable in using things on your own, take Microsoft Office Suite, and if you are more comfortable in having a support team at the place, use Microsoft Office 365.

Hence, these are the significant differences between Microsoft Office 365 and Microsoft Office Suite ( Office 365 vs Office Suite). Now that you are aware of the differences, you can now decide which options best suited for your purposes and can buy the best accordingly.

Yogesh Mankani has been a freelance content writer for the last 10 years. His passion for blogging and giving words to his ideas and thoughts made him fall more in love with his profession which he takes very personally.


  1. I disagree with all of the above. I purchased a yearly subscription to office suites, not a lifetime one. Furthermore, I was able to install it on my phone and my laptop. Not sure where you got this information but I would have to say that it’s incorrect as of August 2020. Now I’m going to have to find out what really is the difference between the two.


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