Open, Extract, Modify Archive files on Windows Phone with Pocket Extractor

You might be receiving a lot of archive files on your email and this could include images, documents or other files. If you receive archived files on your Windows Phone, then here is a simple and yet useful archive file extractor. Pocket Extractor is a free app which lets you open, extract, modify archive files in your Windows Phone. Pocket Extractor is a powerful app to help extract your music, books and other documents.

From the main interface you can either open a new archive or create one and add files.


You can add files or folders to existing one and then save the archive.


  • Opens and extracts .zip, .rar, .tar, .7z, .gz files
  • Saves and creates new .zip files
  • Opens password-protected .zip files
  • Can open and extract multiple files at once
  • Integrates with Windows Phone’s share feature: Open files by sharing any number of them with Pocket Extractor. Use a file explorer, like Microsoft Files or Pocket Explorer to do so
  • Integrates with Windows Phone to open .rar, .tar, .7z, .gz files directly from other applications

Limitations of the app:

  • Cannot directly associate with the .zip extension due to Microsoft’s restrictions. Share a zip file with this app to open it, or use the in-app file picker
  • Cannot open multi-part archives yet
  • Cannot open encrypted non-zip archives yet

The app is available free of cost and can be downloaded from the link below.

The app was not found in the store. :-(

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