WhatsApp: Stop auto download from a Contact or Group in Gallery

WhatsApp allows you to stop downloading pictures or media files from a particular person or a group. It means that photos from that group or person will not appear in the photo gallery of your phone. Many a time it becomes embarrassing when photos from groups or any personal photo become visible in the Photo Gallery. In this post, we will show how you can stop auto download or hide photos or media from appearing in the photo gallery in WhatsApp.

Note: WhatsApp doesn’t seem to give the option to stop the download from a particular group or person. That can be another useful setting which also saves bandwidth.

WhatsApp hide images from gallery

WhatsApp: Stop Auto-Download from a Contact or Group

The option is available when you take a look at the profile details or Group info. It is available as Media Invisibility. The default is Yes, but you can turn it off. The same option is available as a global setting. You can use that to turn off for everyone.

  1. Open WhatsApp, and open the contact or group
  2. Tap on the menu and then open contact info or group info.
  3. Next, tap on Media Visibility.
  4. Here you can choose between Default, Yes or No.

If you want to hide WhatsApp images, videos from anyone, it is best not to reveal them in the gallery. I wish WhatsApp can introduce gallery lock feature within WhatsApp itself. So nobody can access the photos unless it’s verified by password or fingerprint sensor or even face-unlock.

The only drawback of the method is that you cannot share it that easy as it was available in the gallery. You will need to share it via Whatsapp.

The feature is now available on all the platforms, including Android and iOS. Let us know why are you using this feature.

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