Ninko App Confirms OTG Support for Windows Phone 8.1

OTG Support for Windows Phone still hasn’t seen light of the day but Nikons listing of its USB Device gives a conformation that it’s there, specially they being a Microsoft Partner strengthens it.

Ninkon Products

Ninko, a company that was recently acquired by Pudince LLC, has a special listing of their products which work with Windows Phone. They have an SD card and a USB device. The USB device is claimed to be working with Windows Phone when used it with their app.

Plug and Play: You will need to Plug in your Ninko+WP Swivel USB and then use the app to download drivers, name your device, monitor storage and install apps+games on the on the device with Windows Phone 8.1

File Manager : An inbuilt file manager can be used to transfer files to and from your Windows Phone and Ninko USB.

Music/Apps/Games/Photos : The USB support almost everything. You can install apps, games, store music and docs which will work and be available when its attached.

Ninkon App

The app is available on the store but will work with only Windows Phone 8.1 and Ninko USB. I tried using others and it did not work. It seems that the app will download drivers when you connect the USB for the first time depending on the phone.

Also, using the app you will be able to name your devices, change settings, allocate storage, view and create files and even edit them.

Native OTG Support

This app, leaves us with one question…when will Windows Phone 8.1 will get the Native OTG support. To my best guess, it should be enabled via “Files App”, the official file manager for Windows Phone. Also you will need the OTG cable to connect to Windows Phone.

via Reddit | More at Ninkon

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  1. I have a Ninko USB and the app and it works. I haven’t yet found a bug which is good. The app description does mention that it does not use otg so im not sure if it really “confirms” otg support.

  2. Hello Laura, Pat from germany. Are you using the stick directly at your windows phone, and then it works with the right folder, etc.

    Where have you buy the ninko stick. I found nothing in the Internet to buy the stick.

    best regards from germany

  3. when will this be available in India??..
    i have use lumia 925 with inbuilt 16 GB memory and no expandable memory.. i need it badly :(

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