Outlook.com Now Allows You to Save Email Attachments to OneDrive

Many a times, you want to save your attachment directly to a cloud service than download on your computer.  This is one of the reason, I have really loved Gmail for its ability to save files directly to Google Drive. The same is now being rolled out for Outlook.com users, who will be able to save email attachment directly to OneDrive.

OneDrive is the integrated core cloud service which both Windows Phone and Windows users use from their devices, and with Offline solution available for desktop, and coming for Windows Phone users, this will add to the benefit. You wont have to save things twice.

Save to OneDrive Outlook

While its announced, I guess this option is being rolled out slowly to all users. It will be available as an extra menu or link in emails where the attachment is available. All these files will be uploaded to OneDrive in a folder named as “Email Attachments”. Multiple file upload is possible. If the folder is synced on your PC, it will automatically get downloaded. As of now, there is no option to save it to a particular folder.

OneDrive already has the feature which allows you to share files on OneDrive as attachment on Outlook.com. We expect these features to roll out to Email App in Windows Phone as well. Right now it is the other way round.

Via Microsoft

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