How to Disable Fast Startup in Windows 10 and why you should do it

Change Power Settings in Windows 10

When Windows 8 was released, everyone was happy and enjoying the fast startup feature which made their PCs to boot up in very little time. This feature still comes with Windows 10 and works very efficiently and doesn’t disappoint the users. You may be wondering why this post guides on to disable Fast Startup in Windows 10. Read further. What is ...

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How to Create Hotspot in Windows 10 to share Internet

How to create Hotspot in Windows 10 PC to share Internet

With Windows 10, Microsoft introduced a new feature. It allows you to share your Broadband or your Data Card connection to other devices over Wi-Fi. Similar to your Mobile’s Internet Sharing feature. With the earlier version of Windows, you could share your internet via Hotspot but with the help of apps like Connectify, or via CMD. However, the process was ...

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How to Reduce Windows 10 notifications

Windows 10 Notifications and actions

Leaving a few of the notifications in Windows 10 that are necessary, there are many other random notifications which don’t seem to be necessary. They keep distracting you with constant beeping and popping in the Action Center. In this post, we will show you can reduce Windows 10 notifications. While you can always turn off notifications sound in Windows 10, ...

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How to Turn Off Notification & System Sounds in Windows 10

Notifications in Windows are always a matter of choice. Either you like them to keep appearing all of them, or you want to see a few of them. However, one thing that most of us don’t like is sound, especially if you have too many of them, the ding-dong is way too much. In this post, I will show how ...

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How to block users from installing software from internet in Window 10

block users from installing software from internet in Window 10

One of the significant source of Virus, Malware, and the malicious program is the installation of untrustworthy, and sneaky software from the internet. These types of software can not only take over your computer but also keep a watch on what you do on your computer. They can also collect data from your key logs. In this post, we will ...

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How to Bring Back Classic Games in Windows 10

Install Windows 7 classic Games in Windows 10

Do you remember those days of playing those good old classic games? Internet wasn’t that popular back then, and only a few could afford it. So to pass the time, Windows users indulged in some of the games that sucked up hundreds of hours of gameplay. I am talking about Minesweeper and Pinball. The games were still available in Windows ...

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How To Clear File Explorer History In Windows 10

clear file explorer history

The in-built search functionality of Windows 10 is exceptional, and its effective indexing helps users to find the data they seek. Once you type anything in the search box, the result gets found immediately and appear on the screen. The File Explorer keeps track of recently opened files and folder in the form of search history to make future search faster. In ...

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What is Casino-X and should you play? 


Casino-X has been offering a good range of online casino games to players since 2005, so it’s a well-established company which has built a strong fan following. However, rather than coasting along this is a casino which continues to grow to stay current and interesting. Is this a good online casino for you to check out? We would say yes, ...

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Select The Best Rakhi Gifts to Delight Your Kid Brothers

Best Rakhi Gifts Kid Brother

The pious relationship of siblings is commemorated on Raksha Bandhan every year. It is a remarkable day to acknowledge the bond of brotherhood and sisterhood. Everyone feels blessed to have loving and caring siblings in their life. On this auspicious day of Raksha Bandhan, sisters tie a sacred thread of Rakhi on their brother’s wrist. They show their deep endearment ...

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