How to Automatically Change Windows 10 Accent Color

Automatically Change Windows 10 Accent Color

Personalizing Windows 10 PC is what I do every day. Change a few things here, make it look refreshing so it doesn’t get dull. The first step in doing so to change the wallpaper every day, sometimes every few minutes. One more thing I change often is the accent color. Its the color which appears on the tiles, taskbar and ...

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How to Configure Privacy Settings in Windows 10

Configure Privacy Settings in Windows 10

Even though Privacy is a sarcasm, Windows 10 like any other software offers users to Configure Privacy Settings in Windows 10. There are genuine people around the globe who would want to make sure privacy options are there, so apps, websites and anything that has a digital signature doesn’t collect their data. That’s is why every OS mobile or desktop, have ...

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How to install Windows 10 v1909 Early (Feature Update)

How to install Windows 10 v1909 Early (Feature Update

Microsoft next feature update, Windows 10 1909 is almost on the edge of release. It is available for Windows 10 Insiders and will be available in Release Preview, and RTM is still due in a couple of weeks. As of now, lot og bug bashing is going on where Windows Insiders and Windows Team are finding and fixing a lot ...

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A Detailed Guide to Reinstall Windows 10S on your Surface Laptop

Reinstall Windows 10S Surface

The Surface laptop is a beautiful piece kit from Microsoft. It has all the specifications of a regular laptop, plus the extra bit of performance enhancement that distinguishes from the others. Although the device offers some reasonably decent amount of specs, it doesn’t come cheap. It comes preloaded with Windows 10S or Windows 10 in S Mode which in the ...

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How to hack the phone of a cheating spouse?

hack phone cheating spouse

Do you think that your spouse is cheating on you? But not sure whether your partner is actually cheating on you or not? If your answer is yes, then I am here to help you out. One of the best ways to find this out is to hack the phone of your partner and check it by yourself. But doing ...

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How to Enable OneDrive Files On-Demand Feature in Windows 10 and macOS

Many of us store a lot of files on cloud storage like OneDrive.It is practically impossible for everyone to keep all files downloaded. If you choose to download only a few files, it becomes difficult to figure out the rest of the files available online. OneDrive offers a Files On-Demand feature, aka Place Holders, which makes it possible to see ...

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How to Pause Updates in Windows 10

Pause Windows Updates

Many a time, Windows Update gets interrupted for a variety of reasons. It could be a power failure or lost network connection. Redownloading the update, especially if its a big one not only consumes the bandwidth, it also takes more amount of time. The good news is that Windows offers the Pause Updates feature so you can delay the update, ...

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