How to block users from installing software from internet in Window 10

block users from installing software from internet in Window 10

One of the significant source of Virus, Malware, and the malicious program is the installation of untrustworthy, and sneaky software from the internet. These types of software can not only take over your computer but also keep a watch on what you do on your computer. They can also collect data from your key logs. In this post, we will ...

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How to Bring Back Classic Games in Windows 10

Install Windows 7 classic Games in Windows 10

Do you remember those days of playing those good old classic games? Internet wasn’t that popular back then, and only a few could afford it. So to pass the time, Windows users indulged in some of the games that sucked up hundreds of hours of gameplay. I am talking about Minesweeper and Pinball. The games were still available in Windows ...

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How To Clear File Explorer History In Windows 10

clear file explorer history

The in-built search functionality of Windows 10 is exceptional, and its effective indexing helps users to find the data they seek. Once you type anything in the search box, the result gets found immediately and appear on the screen. The File Explorer keeps track of recently opened files and folder in the form of search history to make future search faster. In ...

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What is Casino-X and should you play? 


Casino-X has been offering a good range of online casino games to players since 2005, so it’s a well-established company which has built a strong fan following. However, rather than coasting along this is a casino which continues to grow to stay current and interesting. Is this a good online casino for you to check out? We would say yes, ...

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Select The Best Rakhi Gifts to Delight Your Kid Brothers

Best Rakhi Gifts Kid Brother

The pious relationship of siblings is commemorated on Raksha Bandhan every year. It is a remarkable day to acknowledge the bond of brotherhood and sisterhood. Everyone feels blessed to have loving and caring siblings in their life. On this auspicious day of Raksha Bandhan, sisters tie a sacred thread of Rakhi on their brother’s wrist. They show their deep endearment ...

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A Detailed Guide to AutoSave Your Work in Various Windows 10 and Apps

Guide to AutoSave Work in Windows 10 & Apps

One of the most frustrating things that can happen to you is losing work when you’ve forgotten to save it on your Windows. If you are continually saving up your work, then you are well and good, else you will be in jeopardy. However, a constant saving of your work can be a considerable task, and sometimes we don’t remember ...

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The Best PC Gaming Keyboards

All the Gamers require the best gaming accessories for fostering their skills and techniques. That is the reason, we always come up with articles that will help you to choose the best gaming accessories available on the market. Few examples were the best PC gaming mouse, best PC gaming headsets, best PC gaming controllers, best gaming laptops that helped our readers who ...

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How to Change or Rename Hey Cortana on Windows 10 to anything

Rename Hey Cortana on Windows 10

If you are using Windows 10, I am sure you know about Cortana. Microsoft’s digital assistant which does a lot of things like from reminding you about flight details to bills, and crack some jokes. One thing that she doesn’t allow you to do is to change her name. In this post, we will share how you can rename the ...

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How to add Gmail Account to Outlook Mail App in Windows 10

Add Gmail Account to Outlook Mail App

There is no Official Google Mail App in the Windows Store. While you can always use it in the browser, if you are looking for a free mail client, which works offline, you can use the Outlook Mail & Calendar app in Windows 10. Just like Outlook Live, configuring Gmail account is not straight forward. In this post, we will ...

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