Samsung ATIV S vs Nokia Lumia 920 vs HTC 8X Specs Comparison

Nokia had officially announced the new Windows Phone Lumia 920 and Samsung also announced its flagship phone ATIV S. HTC has also announced its new range of Windows Phone 8 devices. The new phone HTC 8X comes with iconic design, studio-quality sound with Beats Audio and incredible camera capabilities. Windows Phone 8X by HTC features a beautiful, 4.3” HD-resolution super ...

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Is Microsoft Planning on Wearable Controllers for Next Xbox or Windows

Body Sensors for Game Play

Couple of days back when I read about patents from Microsoft which talked about 3D Immersive Gameplay, using the complete room as gaming environment, It all sounded bit of fancy to me. Like you can see not every house have four or three-sided wall arrangement and that too clear enough to get a complete 3D gameplay, so hooking a consumer to this was sounding ...

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Apple’s iPhone 5 vs Nokia Lumia 920 Specs Comparison

Apple today announced the most leaked iPhone, the iPhone 5 (Glad they did not call it the new iPhone) and we been watching the whole event via Engadget. So we thought why not compare it with the Nokia Lumia 920 and see how much difference it makes apart from the operating system.  Here is a quick comparison (specification) of iPhone ...

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Find songs you never played on Windows Phone Zune : Zero to Hero

Zero to Hero App for Windows Phone

This goes to all the music lovers using Windows Phone which keep on listening to just couple of songs leaving rest of them into a poor corner. Zero to Hero app helps you find and list songs which you have played zero times i.e. never played and helps you find some of the forgotten songs which might have been close to your heart. The ...

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Official Indian Express App for Windows Phone

The Indian Express is one of the oldest and reputed newspapers of India and they have now rolled out the official app for Windows Phone.The app provides real time coverage of the latest happenings in India and around the world with sections like India, World, Business, Sports, movies as well as the Editorials from the newspaper. The interface is pretty ...

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Reasons why Nokia Lumia 920 makes a good buy

Nokia Accessories

After the announcement of Nokia Lumia 920, the flagship Windows Phone 8 device, many of you might be curious and confused as well to decide if you should buy a Lumia 920.  If you are using the 1st generation device, like Samsung Focus, upgrading is the best option, but if you are already using Lumia 800 or even 900, I am giving ...

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Google Drive for Windows Phone- GDrive

Google Drive isthe cloud storage service from Google which offers 5GB of free space. There is a desktop app which allows you to sync files across multiple PC. Google Drive is also available for Android and iPhone, but as of now there is no official app for Windows Phone.GDrive is a free app, which is an unofficial Google Drive client ...

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