WP7 Updates Now To Be Rolled Out On Network Operator’s Request!

Bad news Windows Phone 7 users! Microsoft has announced via their official Windows Phone Blog that they won’t be detailing software updates individually according to the country, phone model and carrier detail on their Where’s My Phone Update? site. This announcement might not affect WP7 users that much, as the other one is going to. The second announcement from Microsoft ...

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Upload Multiple Office Docs and PDF to Windows Phone from your PC

Office File Upload WP

Thunder_ at XDA forum has developed a Tool for your PC which will help you copying / uploading document directly into your Office Hub of Windows Phone, this is something many of you would love because till now the only solution was to send it via email or use dropbox like clients. This tool will let you upload or copy multiple ...

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WP7 Update 8107 : Removes 3G Button, Fixes disappearing keyboard, Gmail Sync, Exchange Issues and location privacy bugs

Plaffo is reporting update for his LG Optimus 7 which is numbered as  7.10.8107  but looking the bugs which is getting fixed, it seems that it will be available for all the Windows Phone sooner or later which includes Samsung, HTC and other Models. However I think Nokia will have its own set of updates coming which was talked about before. Thanks Plaffo and he also ...

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Bodoink : Get Ready to become the Human Pinball ( Xbox Kinect Game )

Bodoink : Human Pinball for Xbox Kinect

If you had been waiting for some awesome Kinect Game which can get you even more active, keep an eye on teh upcoming  XBLA Kinect game, Bodoink . If you are wondering whats with the name then it’s the sound when you hit the pinball!!!. Bodoink turns your avatar into a pinball and takes your avatar inside where you pop as many ...

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Homebrew Apps / Projects based on Kinect SDK

Kinect paint

Kinect or any device which can track human movements and convert that into digital or even physical action ( like controlling a robot to lift heavy objects )  is the future and we are already seeing apps, games getting developed based on the Windows Kinect SDK or even the Xbox Kinect SDK. One such example was set by Etronika which built an app ...

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Nokia Lumia 900 Specs Outed; Bigger Version Of Lumia 800

At this point, everyone knows that Nokia will be announcing a new WP7 running Lumia handset for the United States with AT&T’s 4G LTE network at the upcoming CES. Rumors suggested that the handset might very well be the Lumia 800 with just a 4G LTE radio, and an updated version of Mango to support 4G LTE networks. However, now ...

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Video : Apps to Forward Contacts Detail Out of Windows Phone

Contact Sender for Windows Phone

Transferring contacts from Windows Phone to any other phone is yet to implemented and getting it done via Bluetooth is another waiting for WP users and since only you can do is copy numbers and email, its time you start using two apps which at least makes it possible for you to  get all details via Email or SMS. Contact Sender : If you are looking for ...

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