Calculator² : Ultimate Calculator app for Windows Phone

Calculator App for WP

You will find a lot of calculator apps in Windows Phone Market Place but today we are introducing you the Calculator 2 App which is done so right specially for Students and Mathematicians. The first thing you would see is the beautifully designed colored buttons which gives you clear difference between the numbers you going to use and the action ...

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Photo Lock : Password Protect / Hide Pictures & Videos on Windows Phone

Photo Lock App for Windows Phone

This post is inspired from couple of emails I receive on protecting images and videos which are personal on Windows Phone. Though Windows Phone does come with a central locking system but either most of the users don’t use it or rather they just want protection for all their personal stuff. So in this post we are featuring Photo Lock ...

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Which Type of Tasks will not work on low end version of Windows Phone

Yesterday I was curious when some of the popular Windows Phone  Blogs and Developers were talking about absolutely no support for Tasks and Background Agents in Windows Phone. This was confusing for me as a day before, I had a word with Justin Angel from Nokia who said there is a limit of 10 Tasks. So I reached out to ...

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Kinect Enabled Shopping Cart, You thought one can only play games with it ?

Kinect Based Shopping Cart

Kinect based apps and specially physical possibilities had been increasing right from the day when the SDK cam out. We have seen Banking Apps,  Whiteboard Interaction where physically draw things to interact with games,  Kinect helping blinds find their way and now we have a Kinect Enabled Shopping cart  and your mind will just blow off because this time Shopping ...

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How WP7 Handsets With 256MB Of RAM Will Not Lead To Fragmentation

Right after Nokia announced Lumia 610, the first real low end device which comes with 256 MB of RAM only, there was a lot of noise that Windows Phone will eventually become fragmented. Even though Nokia says that Lumia 610 users will enjoy all the features of Windows Phone Mango but it is still not clear as how users will ...

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