Flipkart for Windows Phone is here but only supports COD

Flipkart for Windows Phone

Finally all great apps are coming to Windows Phone, after recent Indian Apps that were rolled in, Flipkart has also joined in the game which is one of the most popular online shopping service which users trust. Coming back to the app this is a very basic app to start with but its worth for users who want to do a quick ...

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Video : Curling3D Game Available for Windows Phone

Curling 3D is a popular iOS game based on the actual game which  is a real sport where players slide stones towards each other across a sheet of ice and goal is to reach a target area which is at one end. The game is a mix of  bowls, boule and shuffleboard. You can read more about this on Wikipedia So coming back ...

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The Verge Windows Phone App ( Unofficial ) – le Verge

If you had been looking for a decent Windows Phone App for The Verge, I guess we finally have one here and its well done as basic app which follows the metro design guidelines and with options of sharing and finding news from different categories of the news from Verge. There are few readers already there but they fail before ...

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Mehdoh for WP is shutting down but you can have the app for Free


Mehodh, one of the awesome Twitter Client for WP7 is shutting down and will soon disappear from marketplace. We all are sad here but they announced yesterday that the App is available for free if you can sideload to your phone which needs an unlocked windows phone which can be either through the Microsoft App Hub or the chevron unlocked. Experience with ...

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Use Klout ? Windows Phone has an App for that!!

Klout App for Windows Phone

Looks like Windows Phone will be getting all exclusive  and not availble app one way or the other till have developers like  Julion Dollon and his wife passionate about the platform and if you are wonder why, then here is the deal, the duo developed app for Klout in just 6 hours. Best part there is no adverts and its free. Features ...

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Sonic the Hedgehog 4: Episode 2 Announced, Coming to Xbox 360 and Windows Phone

Sonic Hedhehog Episode 4 Platforms

GameSpot interviewed  Digital Brand Manager Ken Balough from Saga ( who came with a Tail Beard) who announced some major improvements on Sonic The Hedgehog 4 Episode 2 which is coming with brand new Graphics and Physics Engine and lot of bugs which was reported by users on the first episode. Apart from this Episode 2 is about bringing the villain back, Metal Sonic returns, and the ...

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Official WP apps for India Today and Business Today, Live in Marketplace

Indian Today and Business Today

Seems like all Newspaper Groups are in rush for releasing their apps for Windows Phone. Starting with Times of India & Economic Times, NDTV and now its Business Today and Indian Today Windows Phone and Mango Supported apps released by Living Media India Limited Group. Features : Indian Today brings latest news, videos, pictures while Business Today gets you Big Stories, Tops ...

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WhatsApp for WP updated to support Group Chat & Hyperlink

Group Chat in WhatsApp

WhatsApp recent update to version 1.5 now brings Group Chat feature which allows you to talk bunch of other users using the same app.  Unless you have been living under a rock, WhatsApp is a free texting app which bypasses native messaging service and lets you send sms to anybody using the same App. How to Create group and Add ...

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Home Control app lets you manage your Home lights, fans etc from Windows Phone

Home Control

Looks like stories which I used to read in science books during childhood is all coming true, Now with Switch King Server powered homes can control their Lights, Fans, Table Lamps and other electronic devices right from your phone even before you get home. So no more blind dates looking for switches !!!. For the Unknowns, SwitchKing is a software which can ...

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