WhatsApp for WP updated to support Group Chat & Hyperlink

Group Chat in WhatsApp

WhatsApp recent update to version 1.5 now brings Group Chat feature which allows you to talk bunch of other users using the same app.  Unless you have been living under a rock, WhatsApp is a free texting app which bypasses native messaging service and lets you send sms to anybody using the same App. How to Create group and Add ...

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Home Control app lets you manage your Home lights, fans etc from Windows Phone

Home Control

Looks like stories which I used to read in science books during childhood is all coming true, Now with Switch King Server powered homes can control their Lights, Fans, Table Lamps and other electronic devices right from your phone even before you get home. So no more blind dates looking for switches !!!. For the Unknowns, SwitchKing is a software which can ...

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Bollywood Hungama App brings Celebrity tweets, Music & Pictures to Windows Phone

Its not stopping and loads of awesome Windows Phone from very popular media companies and news are poring in. After BookMyShow now we have Official Bollywood Hungama App for Windows Phone which brings two awesome features for all Bollywood fans, One it lets you see tweets from celebrities like Priyanka Chopra and second  you can listen to latest popular music right on your phone. ...

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Times Of India And Economic Times App Now Live In The Marketplace!

Quite a few Indian apps hit the Windows Phone Marketplace today. First, it was the official BookMyShow app and then the IBN app, and now the official Times Of India and Economic Times app have hit the Marketplace. For the unknown, Times Of India and Economic Times are pretty popular english dailies in India. Both the apps look pretty good, ...

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HTC Radiant and Samsung Mandel Are 4G LTE WP7 Phones Coming To The U.S

It is somewhat confirmed that Microsoft and Nokia will be unveiling a 4G LTE capable Lumia 800 for the United States at the upcoming CES 2012. Now, according to The Verge, HTC and Samsung are also working on their own 4G LTE capable Windows Phone running Mango. While not much information is available about these handsets at the moment. The ...

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WP hack lets you use any size of Audio as Ringtone, Alert and Alarm

Registry Settings for Alerts

Microsoft has this limitation of 39 seconds audio that can be used with Ringtones, alerts and alarm which is right  to an extent but then again there are people who would love to get up with a full rockon music and would love to listen to a love song everytime their phone rings in. So thanks to  its now possible ...

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BookMyShow Releases Their Official App On The WP7 Marketplace

Book my SHow App for Windows Phone

The Windows Phone Marketplace recently breached the 50,000 app mark. However, even then there are very less quality apps available in the Market. One reason behind this can be the low WP7 market penetration in major countries like United States. While WP7 has not really picked up in India as well, there are still a lot of apps in the ...

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Convert2Go is Free Today : Metro Unit Converter for Windows Phone

Conver2G App for Windows Phone

If you had been looking got a great converter app with all pro features and awesome GUI, Convert2Go is free  till next 2 days for you to grab on.  And if you are wondering why this is so awesome read and watch our review. Features of Convert2Go : Combines calculator and converter functions together. So if you need to do ...

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[ Sneak Peek ] IE Plus, Enhanced IE for Windows Phone

IE Plus

IE Plus is browser alternative for Windows Phone and brings in some great improvements when compared to  IE. This is based on same engine over which default IE that comes in Windows Phone. This is currently in beta so we bring you a sneak peek of what it looks like and also a comparison against IE which will give you clear idea. Overall the ...

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