Convert2Go is Free Today : Metro Unit Converter for Windows Phone

Conver2G App for Windows Phone

If you had been looking got a great converter app with all pro features and awesome GUI, Convert2Go is free  till next 2 days for you to grab on.  And if you are wondering why this is so awesome read and watch our review. Features of Convert2Go : Combines calculator and converter functions together. So if you need to do ...

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[ Sneak Peek ] IE Plus, Enhanced IE for Windows Phone

IE Plus

IE Plus is browser alternative for Windows Phone and brings in some great improvements when compared to  IE. This is based on same engine over which default IE that comes in Windows Phone. This is currently in beta so we bring you a sneak peek of what it looks like and also a comparison against IE which will give you clear idea. Overall the ...

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Download Gears of War 3 with Shipwreck Demo free with Trial

Gears of War 3

Here is another bonus from Xbox just before new year is knocking your door,  if you download Gears of War3 you get to play the Shipwreck Demo free with the trial download which is 10 Hours of game play. This makes the 1.15 GB download really worth which you can schedule to download to your Xbox from Online Live Account. ...

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Tango to Apollo : 2012 Windows Phone will be rooting itself deeper.

Windows Phone Roadmap

I remember when MS Nerd posted about the leaked roadmap of  Microsoft Events, in October, which covers timeline right from CES to MIX to Xbox to Windows Phone and talked about not one but Two Tango Updates , one which was launching right after CES and one after MIX which is also coinciding with the time of Windows 8 RC and ...

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Windows Phone Marketplace Breaches The 50,000 App Mark!

It looks like the Windows Phone Marketplace has reached the 50,000 apps milestone. According to All About Windows Phone, a website which tracks WP7 apps, the Marketplace currently has 50,126 apps. The Windows Phone Marketplace has been growing at a steady pace since the middle of this year when it reached the 15,000 mark. It then hit the 35,000 mark ...

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Install Other OEM Marketplace Apps on any Windows Phone

Other OEM Apps on WP

Having  a Samsung Windows Phone and wanting to install HTC Hub or Contacts Transfer or App Highlight seen on Nokia Collections/ Lumia ? or Apps which just work on LG phones ? For many of us it is not possible but if you have a dev unlocked phone, you are going to say thanks to GoodDayToDie for bring all the XAP Files ...

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Video IBNLive App for Windows Phone is Out ( With offline Support )

IBN Live Windows Phone

Finally Great Apps making into Windows Phone market place, Though not Official but we do have an awesome app for BBC and now Network 18 has rolled out Official app for Windows Phone under the name of IBNLIVE. If you are searching make sure to check Publisher details because there are already lot of apps around the same name. Features ...

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Opera Mobile 10 Ported To Fully Unlocked WP7 Handsets

A couple of weeks ago, an impatient WP7 developer over at XDA forums ported Opera Mini from Windows Mobile 6.5 over to Windows Phone 7. Now, the same developer has successfully managed to port Opera Mobile 10 to Windows Phone 7 as well. However, the ported app will work only on WP7 phones running a custom fully unlocked ROM. No, ...

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WindowBreak : Another Windows Phone Jailbreak Project

Seems like Windows Phone hacker, JaxBot,  wont take rest and I did hear him talking about there is jailbreak method for Windows Phone and asked many people to hold back for sometime instead of buying Chevron Wp7 Token,  but never realized he was taking about a JailBreak Method which he has published on XDA Forum  and a website dedicated to Jailbreaking, WindowBreak,  by finding ...

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