Video Review : Baconit, Windows Phone App for Reddit

Baconit Reddit List

As Windows Phone market is getting improved day by day, it’s not really far that we will have all the major app which people look around will be here. Today we are reviewing one such app, Baconit, an unofficial app for Reddit but its done so very well following the philosophy of Metro UI and features, you wont feel a glitch. If you ask me How ...

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Messaging Emoticons : Compose SMS on Windows Phone with all Emotions

It’s true that Windows Phone does support emoticons, its not nicely baked into the keyboard so many news users don’t even know about it but not to enlighten everybody we have a Messaging Emoticons App which brings in all possible emoticons in Windows Phone. How to use Messaging Emoticons This app comes with its own composer where you can type in your ...

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IDE7 : Compile Codes on Windows Phone ( )

IED7 Keyboard

This is exclusively for Devs having a Windows Phone if not anybody else because this app will let you compile codes on your windows phone without you needing any compiler installed or turning on your machine and if you are seriously day and night dev geek, you will love to go in bed with this app. What is this App and How ...

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Video : Shank 2 Xbox 360 Game Review & GamePlay

Shank 2 is a comic book 2D Action Arcade game with some awesome visual style ( which seems to be mostly hand drawn ) , which for sure leaves a good impression if you are a first time player but then there is lot of blood and killing so be warned its not for kids. Shank 2 is a basically about a ...

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CarbonWP : Twitter Client for Windows Phone is available now

Carbon WP Twitter Client

Finally after months of waiting the team of Carbon WP and the beta users like us are partying up as the app is finally up in the marketplace and the biggest change I see is the most complained speed issue which is absolutely vanished. We gave a lot of details in the video and post when we tested it around ...

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Kinect Disneyland Adventure : Must have Xbox Game for Parents and Kids

Disneyland Adventures

If you had been missing playing games with your Kids, its time you get the Disneyland Adventure because kids just love cartoons and this game can make everybody a kid and bring back all the child hood memories. Kinect based,  Disneyland Adventures game is entirely built on the actual places you can find in Disneyland Park which lets you explore places,  get interactive with the ...

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Windows Phone App to re-install already purchased app on New Phones

One of the biggest pain when it comes to switching windows phones is re-installing apps again in your new phone, had done a hard reset or just want to know which apps you already have and the best way till now was using the Web Interface but now we have an App for that, Reinstaller. So till Zune gets smart and full of featured ...

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Domino’s Pizza Windows Phone App comes for UK & Ireland

Dominos Pizza App for WP

Something UK and Ireland Windows Phone users have to cheer about and rest of the world can envy as Domnio’s Pizza has now a Windows Phone only for those regions. In fact looking at the comment on the app section looks like iOS had this app for a while and App has done a better job on Windows Phone Platform!! ...

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SMS Machine : Perfect for Texting Addicts & Creating SMS Templates

Though in this age of Internet I hardly send SMS  to anybody specially with WhatsApp and other services in place but if you have taken up your booster pack of SMS which is unlimited,  SMS Machine for Windows Phone is a perfect app for all you texting addicts. And Yes you can very well us it even as Email Template, Just Copy ...

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