SoundHound for Windows Phone Available

Soundhound Main

If you had always missed a better way to search music which somebody sitting next you is listening or one that you can only hum and not sing because you don’t remember the lyrics, Soundhound App for Windows Phone is available now. If you aren’t aware Soundhound is a an instant music search and discovery and it can detect the music as quick as in four-second. ...

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Nokia Pulse comes to Windows Phone and Symbian

Nokia Pulse is a Private Conversation tool which you can use along with your friends and family without exposing anything to the public world. It also includes Adding Photos, Tagging, Check in to Locations like nearby restaurants. There is already a Web Version and now we have App for Windows Phone and Symbian Phones also. For older Nokia Phones like Series 40 it’s still under development. I ...

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CloudMuzik Brings Google Music To Windows Phone 7

While Google Music did not turn out to be what most Android users expected it to be, it still is a great service for streaming music to your phone. Since the service does not have any public APIs, its only available for Android, and not for iOS and WP7. Now, a developer over at XDA forums – snickler – is ...

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ChevronWP7 Opens up its Lab to Unlock Windows Phone

Chevron Unlock Windows Phone

Getting a Windows Phone developer unlocked using Micrsoft App Hub is a costly business because for many, it is just fun to try out apps which is not in Windows Phone market or they develop on their own and paying 99 USD does not make sense for everybody. CehvronWP7 was the first initiative that was taken to Jailbreak or Developer ...

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Apps & Tools to Create / Get new Ringtone for Windows Phone

WP7 Ringtoner FFMPEG File Settings

In Windows Phone since there is no direct way to do a file transfer, getting new ringtone is not straight either like in other phones where you could have dropped in some music file and set it as your caller tune or ringtone.  Even then it is possible to get some new ringtone for your Windows Phone using the methods below : ...

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Microsoft To Hold a Windows Phone Event This Monday

Microsoft has just announced via a blogpost on their WindowsTeam Blog that they will be holding a Windows Phone related event at the Herald Square in New York on the coming Monday. The blog post does not state anything about what the event is going to be, except that the WP team will be putting a ‘fun surprise’ for the ...

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Video Review Tiki Towers ( Windows Phone Game )

Tiki Towers Bridge and Tower Construction

If you are looking for a casual puzzle solving game which involves a bit of construction and bit of physics but nothing hard-core, Tiki Towers for Windows Phone is an excellent option which even your kids can play. What is the Game About ? The ultimate goal of the game is help some monkeys get some bananas which is hanging ...

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App to create Folders in Windows Phone : Coming Soon

Folders for Windows Phone

A much-needed solution which I have always loved in iOS is finally coming to Windows Phone and its called as Folders and you don’t have to wait for next update to get as it is coming via an App which will be released soon but if you have a developer unlocked phone you can give it a try right now, ...

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Android Phones get Kinect Gestures before Windows Phone

Kinect Like Gestures for Windows Phone

Waving your hand to answer a call when your hands all occupied writing a code or making a cake might be reality for future windows phone.  As reported by AllThingsD, a Korean Company, Pantech, has created gesture support for up coming Vega LTE line of phones in November. What is interesting about this is its not for Windows Phone but rather uses ...

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