Android Phones get Kinect Gestures before Windows Phone

Kinect Like Gestures for Windows Phone

Waving your hand to answer a call when your hands all occupied writing a code or making a cake might be reality for future windows phone.  As reported by AllThingsD, a Korean Company, Pantech, has created gesture support for up coming Vega LTE line of phones in November. What is interesting about this is its not for Windows Phone but rather uses ...

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Halloween Games for Windows Phone

Pumpkin Smash

Funny Jump : Guide a Rolling Pumpkin over the dead stones and reach the end of the slopy terrain at an increasingly high-speed with spooky sound around.  The game has a Halloween Mode enabled so you gonna love it for sure and even your kids can play around. And if you have enough courage, try passing through very close and ...

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Video Review : Bump Out ( Windows Phone Game )

Bump Out Ball Arrangements

If you ever wanted to kick start your brain early in the morning, Bump Out is an awesome choice which will make you think specially when it gets on the higher level. Today We have this awesome Windows Phone Game which is not only free but has 150 Levels of Puzzles and its not that easy to pass through all. What is this ...

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Next2Me Find better local places near by you on Windows Phone

Next 2 Me Search Result

When in a new city its pretty common to get into situations where you have nothing to do and you want to pass on sometime. Well Maps are always there but if you are carrying a Windows Phone with you, Next2Me App can find tones of options for you which is better, faster and much accurate compared to Bing App ...

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How to take screenshot of Windows Phone using Camera Key

Screen Capture Tool for Windows Phone

Until Microsoft decides if it’s ok to let users and developers take screenshot from the phone easily, [email protected] has developed an app which lets you take screenshot using the Camera Key. This is probably the first Windows Phone Screen Capture Tool ( Unofficial ). To use this you need : Developer unlocked phone. You should know how to upload a XAP file to Windows Phone ...

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Find Contacts by Numbers in Windows Phone using True Dialer

True DIaler Search

One of the missing features in Windows Phone Contacts People is ability to find by number. For example if you do not remember the complete phone number but something of starting or end or may be in between, it impossible to find someone like that. This is something not impossible to implement because I have seen some of the Samsung Phones having ...

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Video : Kinect Sports 2 Review ( Demo Version)

As promised I am done with the Initial review of Kinect Sports 2 ( Season two ) that was released yesterday and is coming soon as the pre-orders are already up. This is an initial review and we will come with detailed review when the game is released. Update : Check Out Full Game Review ( Includes Comparison with Sports 1 ) What ...

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Download Kinect Sports Season 2 Demo / Trial

Kinect Sports Season 2

Major Neslon just announced the availability of  Kinect Sports Season 2 Demo which is 1.2 Gb in size so if you are running out of space  its time you delete some games and start downloading it. In case you are away from your console but your Xbox can connect to Internet directly at Home WiFi, You can add it download Queue after ...

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Stream Video, Audio and Photos from PC to Windows Phone

If you have ever wished to layback on your bed or sofa to watch video or just pull up your Windows Phone to show all the amazing snaps you took on a tour which is on your PC, TVersity App for Windows Phone is an amazing choice.  This app when installed on your Phone and server on your PC, lets ...

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Tentacles : How fast your fingers are ( WP Game Review )

Tentacles is a spooky, finger breaking fun game which doesnt tense you while playing the game but keeps you on your edge to pass all the forty levels on your Windows Phone. In his game you guide a creature out of Dr. Phluff’s human body fighting  against the defense system and all the precaution e takes you by taking the medications and even ...

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