Bodoink : Get Ready to become the Human Pinball ( Xbox Kinect Game )

Bodoink : Human Pinball for Xbox Kinect

If you had been waiting for some awesome Kinect Game which can get you even more active, keep an eye on teh upcoming  XBLA Kinect game, Bodoink . If you are wondering whats with the name then it’s the sound when you hit the pinball!!!. Bodoink turns your avatar into a pinball and takes your avatar inside where you pop as many ...

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Homebrew Apps / Projects based on Kinect SDK

Kinect paint

Kinect or any device which can track human movements and convert that into digital or even physical action ( like controlling a robot to lift heavy objects )  is the future and we are already seeing apps, games getting developed based on the Windows Kinect SDK or even the Xbox Kinect SDK. One such example was set by Etronika which built an app ...

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Nokia Lumia 900 Specs Outed; Bigger Version Of Lumia 800

At this point, everyone knows that Nokia will be announcing a new WP7 running Lumia handset for the United States with AT&T’s 4G LTE network at the upcoming CES. Rumors suggested that the handset might very well be the Lumia 800 with just a 4G LTE radio, and an updated version of Mango to support 4G LTE networks. However, now ...

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Video : Apps to Forward Contacts Detail Out of Windows Phone

Contact Sender for Windows Phone

Transferring contacts from Windows Phone to any other phone is yet to implemented and getting it done via Bluetooth is another waiting for WP users and since only you can do is copy numbers and email, its time you start using two apps which at least makes it possible for you to  get all details via Email or SMS. Contact Sender : If you are looking for ...

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Video : WP Dev’s Answers to iPhone’s Siri : Ask Ziggy

Ask Ziggy

Surprise Surprise, I am not sure how many people it took to develop Siri but it took just on Dev, Shai Leib , to create an app which works like Siri and can do almost everything if not exactly and the best part is this app WORKS and is free for you to download. And it’s called as Ask Ziggy, I would ...

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Video : Battery Status App updated with New features and Better Graphs

Battery Status app is a homebrew app for Unlocked Windows Phone which displays battery percentage over live tile.  Since it came we had tested it  and the app has grown to be better and this time it has come with some massive changes. New Features in Battery Status Graphs are now powered by Telerik Controls which lets you  pich to ...

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Flipkart for Windows Phone is here but only supports COD

Flipkart for Windows Phone

Finally all great apps are coming to Windows Phone, after recent Indian Apps that were rolled in, Flipkart has also joined in the game which is one of the most popular online shopping service which users trust. Coming back to the app this is a very basic app to start with but its worth for users who want to do a quick ...

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Video : Curling3D Game Available for Windows Phone

Curling 3D is a popular iOS game based on the actual game which  is a real sport where players slide stones towards each other across a sheet of ice and goal is to reach a target area which is at one end. The game is a mix of  bowls, boule and shuffleboard. You can read more about this on Wikipedia So coming back ...

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