WP Folders gets special treatment on Fully Unlocked Phones

Rooted Folder from Jaxbot

Ok its the Jaxbot Genius again with his Folders App back but this time he makes it special for Rooted Devices, popularly known as windows phone with custom roms like DFT or NextGen. Features of Folders on Rooted Devices : Now what is so different in this Folder App ? Well with full access to the system folders and ability ...

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Comparison : Account Management Apps for Windows Phone

Balance Book

Last one week I had been hunting for Account Management apps ( Expense / Income / Budget )  for windows phone where one can key in all its financial details either from the phone or sync from online accounts etc and was able to figure out three such apps, namely 1App Budget, My Expenses and Balance Book. I am sure ...

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Bluetooth File Transfer App for Windows Phone ( Fully Unlocked / DFT Rom )

DFT Bluetooth Transfer

Looks like Fully Unlocked Roms are reaching a new level every day and today we have a file transfer app for windows phone which works over Bluetooth. If you are unaware Microsoft does not have a file transfer facility open and required drivers to get it done correctly, though  Nokia Windows Phone come with Transfer Contact App which does this ...

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Microsoft releases Metro style HTML5 ( Web Version ) for their Forums

MS Forums How to

We just got updated over a news letter that Microsoft has released a metro based web version ( all html 5 here ) for all the Forums in Microsoft right from MSDN, TechNet Office 365  and others and it really looks impressive. Though I was expecting a real Windows Phone App here for which they say “Windows Phone, Android, Apple ...

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Review : Bookviser, Ebook Reader App for Windows Phone

Bookviser Recent Books

This one goes for all the book lovers on Windows Phone who are looking for a Ebook reader App and after asking on Facebook, Twitter we got two, Bookviser and Freda. In this Post I will be reviewing Bookviser which is a better option but we also have a next post planned for Freda which is pretty feature rich and ...

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ProAktivo comes to Marketplace & its taking Sports tracking Seriously


This app just made in time when I was looking at the Sports Tracking Apps to find out my workout, calorie burns and distance traveled.  Named as ProAktivo this app is heavily focused on different kind of sports apart from Walking, Running and Bicycling which most of the app do. Other than the common three, the Sports supported here are : Hiking Roller Blading Skateboarding Snowboarding Cross Country ...

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WP7 Root Tools will be like Super User of Android

WP7 Root Tool Super User

Applications when developed for Windows Phone are certified and marked so it can access all the internal stuff using the Windows Phone API. Now since homebrew apps are done for testing majorly, though not really, they are not treated as trusted or certified to keep up with the security standards and your data to be safe. Now if you really trust the ...

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