WP7 Root Tools will be like Super User of Android

WP7 Root Tool Super User

Applications when developed for Windows Phone are certified and marked so it can access all the internal stuff using the Windows Phone API. Now since homebrew apps are done for testing majorly, though not really, they are not treated as trusted or certified to keep up with the security standards and your data to be safe. Now if you really trust the ...

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Video : Gears of War 3 Next DLC, Forces of Nature Coming on 27th March

Gears 3 Forces of Nature Characters

Gears of War 3 Just announced the availability of Next DLC, Forces of Nature will be available on 27th March this year available at 800 MSP or free if you  have the seasons pass. Lats time we had 5 new multi player maps  with Finix Rising. What is so Exciting here : Game mode Guardian will be making a return with this DLC There are three brand new ...

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Video Demo : Mass Effect 3 Kinect Voice Commands Cheat Sheet

Now that half of the Xbox game lovers are already playing Mass Effect 3 which came with special feature which many aren’t using and that would be the Kinect Commands which lets switch weapons, direct your squad mates, exchange weapons and so on.  Below is the list you can make use of and print them and put it right next to your monitor or TV so ...

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Video Review : Baconit, Windows Phone App for Reddit

Baconit Reddit List

As Windows Phone market is getting improved day by day, it’s not really far that we will have all the major app which people look around will be here. Today we are reviewing one such app, Baconit, an unofficial app for Reddit but its done so very well following the philosophy of Metro UI and features, you wont feel a glitch. If you ask me How ...

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Messaging Emoticons : Compose SMS on Windows Phone with all Emotions

It’s true that Windows Phone does support emoticons, its not nicely baked into the keyboard so many news users don’t even know about it but not to enlighten everybody we have a Messaging Emoticons App which brings in all possible emoticons in Windows Phone. How to use Messaging Emoticons This app comes with its own composer where you can type in your ...

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