We were Wrong, Looks like Low End Windows Phones are coming

Few months back we argued that Windows Phone might never get any low end phones because Microsoft will never want to compromise on lowering down the specs to make more like  Android Market but it seems we were wrong and thanks to WLWP Honkong Group for sharing info that they came to knew from Microsoft speakers on Tango at the Hong Kong’s ...

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Notepad App for WP with Folder Support

Windows Phone does come with Office App integration which lets you take any kind of note you would love to but if you are looking for a simple note taking tool which is as good as Windows Notepad but supports Folders, then we just have an app with same name for Windows Phone which is not only mango update but ...

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Samsung Focus Registry hack will get you WP 8107 / 7740 Update

Samsung Focus 8107 Update

Seems funny but yes its true that a simple registry hack  on your Windows Phone can get the you the latest update which is still being rolled out and we are hearing stories from here and there about it. So Mobility Digest Reports that for Samsung Focus unlocked, it is possible to get the update 7740 and then to 8107  if you can ...

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London 2012 Official Game Coming to Kinect Xbox 360 this June

London 2012 Stadium View

If you have been thinking Kinect Sports series was just not enough, the Guys at Sega heard you and they are coming up with the Official Game of Olympics 2012 this June which is going to be Kinect Supported for Xbox 360 along with Playstation and  PC version. Type of Games  This is the first time an Olympic Video Game ...

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Doom for Xbox 360 Available : Multi-player and Co-OP

Doom for Xbox

Any computer user who haven’t played doom on his computer must be busy watching lot of movies but if you haven’t and miss that game , it’s now available for Xbox and I am sure it’s going to be one of the most popular Xbox Live Arcade game in coming months. If you do not have an Xbox live account, play it single else go Multiplayer ...

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