What’s new in Kinect Sports Season 2 ( vs Sports 1 )

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In this post I have compared between Kinect Sports One and Kinect Sports 2 on various factors and listed down all the  changes according to categories like Game Selection, Menus, Guest Play etc. The Post includes 2 videos along with whats new in sports 2. Don’t Miss them. Summary : Overall Kinect Sports 2 is a massive improvement compared to Sports 1 because you can do ...

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HTC Titan Hitting AT&T Network On Nov. 20 For $199

HTC has just announced via their Twitter account that their latest WP7.5 Mango running handset, the Titan, will be hitting the AT&T’s network on November 20. The HTC Titan is a gargantuan  WP7 handset thanks to its 4.7-inch S-LCD display – the biggest screen found in any Windows Phone Mango running handset. Disappointingly, the screen’s resolution is only WVGA (480×800), all thanks ...

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Nokia’s WP7 Music Player App Leaks; Works on All Unlocked Windows Phones

Earlier today we reported that the Nokia Maps application has leaked online, and is now available for all unlocked WP7 handsets. Now, the folks over at SmartPhoneGurus have managed to extract the Music player installed in Nokia’s WP7 phones, and have successfully managed to get it working on other WP7 phones as well. Compared to the music player found in ...

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Skip to the next song by voice in Windows Phone

Play Next Song in Windows Phone

If you are listening to a playlist on your windows phone, you always need to change to next song using the music controls which is almost impossible when you are driving or when you just cannot reach your phone at that very moment. Luckily [email protected] has developed an app, Next,  which can skip to next song in your playlist using voice control and it works ...

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Nokia Maps Leaks For All Windows Phone 7 Handsets

Nokia Maps Starting Screen

Back at Nokia World 2011, the company announced their first “real” Windows Phone Mango powered phones, the Lumia 800 and the Lumia 710. Thanks to the Nokia-MS partnership, Nokia was able to bundle the Nokia Maps application on their WP7 phones. Nokia Maps in conjunction with Nokia Drive, will provide the company’s WP7 handset owners with free walk and drive ...

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Modern Warfare 3 ( MF3 ) Launches for Xbox 360, PS3 and PC

Call of Duty Modern Warfare 3

One of the most awaited game, Call of Duty : Modern Warfare 3 has finally launched for Xbox 360, Play Station 3 and PC,  this game is said to have one of the best FPS and after previous version, Black Ops which sold like hot cakes, this game is going to dominate. Modern Warfare 3 is a single story player mode ...

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Xbox.com to Get Metro Update and go Social

Game Status Updates : Beacons

Microsoft is all crazy about the Metro UI and this after coming to Windows Phone, Coming soon on Xbox 260 Dashboard is now getting ready for the Xbox.com Online. According to this announcement, below are the changes : Beacon : These are status updates for Games i.e. if you want to play a game, just add a status update to it ...

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Battery Status App for Windows Phone ( Homebrew )

If you always hated the Windows Phone battery Icon as it shows nothing but meaningless icon, [email protected] has developed a Battery Status app which displays the left battery power in percentage. Features : Displays Battery Status in percentage for both charging and discharging. Supports Pin to Start menu which displays Battery Status percentage in real time. You can turn on the ...

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