Tentacles : How fast your fingers are ( WP Game Review )

Tentacles is a spooky, finger breaking fun game which doesnt tense you while playing the game but keeps you on your edge to pass all the forty levels on your Windows Phone. In his game you guide a creature out of Dr. Phluff’s human body fighting  against the defense system and all the precaution e takes you by taking the medications and even ...

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Paying Bills using Kinect is almost real now

Etronika Kinect Based App

Kinect is finally making its place in business world and is not just limited to playing games with Xbox. Etronika, who builds innovative software solution for Banks ,  has built a Kinect-Based Application which lets  Customer access their bank accounts and pay bills using Gestures, which looks very similar to What Xbox upcoming  Metro Dashboard Update. Below is a video demo ...

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How to use Windows Phone as USB Drive ( Copy Photos, Music and Videos )

WIndows Phone to USB

Windows Phone, unlike Android and Blackberry does not have option where you can switch between USB storage i.e. Use it as File Explorer or normal phone mode to sync with Zune. This means if you want to copy photos, music and albums directly it is not possible . In fact even the Diagnosis mode used for tethering does not have that ...

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How to get the new Xbox Metro Dashboard on your console

GamesChannel Xbox Metro Dahsboard

New Metro Dashboard is coming soon but if you want to download it on your Xbox Console a bit early, Xbox has opened up Live Public Preview Program for anybody who wants to participate. So go here and signin in with the same live id which you had used on your Xbox Console Fill in your details like Name, Location etc. ...

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Windows Phone in India : The Wait is Finally Over

Times of India Windows Phone App

Windows Phone is rolling out in India from October with HTC in October, Samsung and Acer in November and Nokia next year Q1. I am hoping the Windows Phone Market Place will also open in Zune soon, it is accessible via Windows Phone as of now in India. If nothing else, Nokia has made lot of people to wait to ...

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How to set Xbox 360 Game Defaults for all Games

Xbox Game Defaults

Game Defaults mean common preferences like Controller sensitivity, Mirror Lookups, Auto aim, etc for all the games you are playing.  This makes sure any game you play has these preferred choice and you don’t manually go and change. This is again divided into categories like General, Action Racing. So for each category you can have a different set of defaults. So let us learn how you can set ...

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Gtalk like client for Windows Phone : GChat

Gchat Conversation Mango Style

GChat is a Google Talk client for Windows Phone which can let you chat with other people on Gtalk on your Google or Gmail Account. This is not an official app from Google so make sure you trust enough to use this app with the account you use. Features of GChat : Mango like Threaded conversation. Get notified of a ...

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Fly World War Aircrafts with Windows Phone Rise of Glory Game

Rise of Glory is a World War time Aircraft Flighter Plane game which brings back the joy of  flying an Aircraft back to the phone and specially with Windows Phone awesome tilt control you never go wrong. The game has two modes, Quick Match and Campaigns ( One quick match and three campaigns in Trial Mode) Rise of Glory Graphics and Game Experience : A ...

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Download Free Ringtones & Wallpaper for Windows Phone with Insider

Insider App For Windows Phone

Adding a custom ringtone is still not possible with Windows Phone yet but Microsoft has released an app named as Insider which brings you 5 Ringtone which you can download on your phone every month and keep it forever. Apart from the ring tones, it also brings you free wallpapers featured on Bing Homepage everyday. Features of Insider App It has Five sections :  Tips, Apps, Games, Ringtones ...

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How to Move Xbox Gamertag to USB or External Storage Device

Move Gamer Profile

If you a kind of Xbox Gamer who keeps on playing with other Gamers who are in your neighbour or when you are visiting your cousion who got an Xbox to keep you busy in holidays,  It is time you make your Gamer Tag roaming, So all you need is plugin and play and still have all the data along with ...

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