Top 5 Antivirus programs on Android

Top Android Antivirus

The smartphone has become part and parcel in our life. To stay connected to the internet, people rely on the smartphone. But the hackers are continuously trying to get access to your smartphone to steal sophisticated information. If they find any weak spot in your smartphone or android device, they can easily extract vital information and cause massive financial losses. ...

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How to Take Ownership of Files and Folders in Windows 10

In the Windows 10 operating system, users get full control over files and folder they create, but it will deny access to other files if you don’t have the specific permission. These files could be from an old user account where the user is no longer a part of that group or could be some system files as well that ...

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How to use Windows 10 Battery Saver Mode

Windows 10 Battery Saver

Windows 10 offers some of the qualities that were usually found in smartphones, and one of them is the Battery Saver mode, which increases battery life and allows users to work extra even if the power backup is low. During the power saver mode, you can write emails, check social networks, and finish important work before the computer gets shut ...

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Edit Your Xbox Avatar with this App on Windows 10 PC

Edit Xbox Avatar Windows

Xbox Avatar Editor lets you Create or Customize your Xbox Avatars on Windows 10 PC. The app was first launched for Windows Phone 7, and then become available on Windows 10 Mobile and Windows 10. Xbox Avatar is a very personal feature fro Gamers using Xbox or Windows 10 Xbox App. Since it allows you to personalize and get it ...

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List of Lenovo’s Windows 10 Powered Tablets, Laptops & Desktops at CES 2019

At CES 2016, Lenevo announced a lot of new series and since it has been refreshing them with better hardware. At CES 2019, it is no different except for one device. The company has announced a lot of refreshes that include laptops, tablets, desktops. They have announced ThinkSmart View for Microsoft Teams, new notebooks, powerful desktop, new ThinkPad X1 Carbon, ...

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Download Windows 10 Official Hero Wallpaper and Login Screen Background

Windows 10 Creators Update, which was one of the first major updates for Windows 10, came with Official Hero Wallpaper, which was used as the background and Login Screen background as well. Michael Gillett, a Microsoft MVP that Microsoft has updated the Hero Wallpaper in Windows 10 Creators Update. He has also shared the same wallpaper with minimal changes. The ...

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Install Dell Mobile Connect App on any Windows 10 PC using these steps

Install Dell Mobile Connect App

Dell first announced the Dell Mobile Connect App at CES 2018 which allowed anybody having an Android or iPhone to connect to their PC and get notifications, hands-free phone calls, messaging, and even screen mirroring. It worked over Bluetooth and is for Dell consumers only. At CES 2020, Dell has announced that you will not need an Android phone to mirror ...

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Windows Apps & Software that support Surface Dial

If you are planning to buy the Surface Dial, you should know which applications are supported. Surface Dial is for the creative process and a new way to interact with technology and create in the most natural, immersive way. Here is the list of Windows Apps and Software that support Surface Dial. Windows Apps & Software that support Surface Dial Surface ...

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How to use ScreenSaver on Xbox One

Xbox One Screensaver

I am one of those persons who has started using Xbox One for many other things, including games. I use it for watching videos, streaming content from PC to Xbox One,  Browsing the internet, and use apps wherever there is an option. Have a huge TV does make a lot of difference.  It also means that I hate turning off ...

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How to enable Game Chat Transcription on Xbox One and Windows 10

enable Game Chat Transcription

I play Gears of War with a couple of friends, and they all belong to different countries. Many a time we miss what others are saying because of our accent. Sometimes it is because of the sound effects of the game.  If that’s the case with you, you can enable the Game Chat transcription feature on Xbox One and Windows ...

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