12 Best Windows Portable Games


Portable games are never the first choice that a gamer has. We are in awe of the full-fledged games which provide us with an awesome storyline, brilliant VFX, cool controls, a host of customizations and options to play from and the mind-boggling graphics and sound. However, there are times when portable games are all that we can afford to play. ...

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How to Stream Videos from PC to VLC on Android and iOS Devices


In a world that’s moving so fast with all the jaw-dropping innovations of technology, almost nothing is impossible now. Back in those, one could only imagine about things that were in front of them. For example, people never thought that sitting home one could shop anything and it would reach to their doorstep. The internet made and e-shopping made that ...

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11 Best Windows 10 Laptops for Graphic Designers

When it comes to graphics designing, people often find the need for some special configurations in their laptops so that it can withstand the hardcore chores that are reflected on it. But thanks to the advancement of technology, there are an ample number of devices which are fit for the graphic designers. This article will particularly talk about the best ...

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Windows 10 on ARM might get hit by Intel’s Patent Infringement around x86 emulation on ARM

Microsoft has already started workong in Windows 10 on ARM i.e. Windows 10 that will work on ARM (processors used in mobile), from Qualcomm, and will also support x86 based applications throigh emulation. Looks like Intel is not happy with it. Intel celebrated its 40th anniversary of 8086 proccessor, Intel legged out without naming anybody, that some companies have tried emulating Intel’s ...

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Windows 10 Creators Fall Update to get New Touch Keyboard Experience

One of the best things about Windows 10 Mobile was the awesome keyboard experience, and it’s coming with Windows 10 Creators Fall Update. Microsoft is finally converging the keyboard experience for those who use touch keyboard on their Windows 10 devices. This is being rolled out to Windows 10 Insiders on Fast Ring with Build 16215, and will finally appear for ...

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