The Coalition yet again brings Old & Refurbished Maps to Gears of War 4

There is nothing like getting a constant update to the game you play most of the time and while  The Coalition has kept their promise to bring fresh maps for Season Pass holders every month, it’s disappointing that the maps aren’t really fresh. In the July Update for Gears of War 4, there are two maps –Raven Down and Reclaimed Windflare. Raven Down ...

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10 Best Free Windows 10 Music Players of Year 2017


We use the computers for a host of activities each day, one of the main tasks that we perform through the said device, although which may seem trivia, is the task of playing music and keeps us entertained when we do other tasks. Hence, as most of the computer tasks are accompanied by playing music, it only makes sense that ...

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10 Best Soundbars for Xbox One Gaming


When it comes to gaming, gamers can be passionate about every little detail of the environment which has the potential of making the experience a heightened one or dulls the whole experience down. The same goes for the music emitted from the games. The sound comprises of an integral part of the game and it has the potential of involving ...

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Windows 10 S vs Chrome OS: What’s the Difference?


Chromebooks had come into the market as a form of a curiosity, but with the passage of time, it has now become very popular. Chromebooks come with Chrome OS and are super easy to use and in order to use them all you need to do is you have to know how to use a browser. However, Microsoft is not one ...

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Windows 10 build 16232 for PC (Insiders) brings WDAG for Edge, Exploit Protection and Controlled folder access in Windows Defender Antivirus

If you are rocking Windows 10 Insider Preview program for Windows 10, Microsoft has rolled out Build 16262 for PCs which brings new features related to Security. You get WDAG for Edge, Exploit Protection and  Controlled folder access in Windows Defender Antivirus. There have been too many security breaches since last month, and Microsoft is pushing hard with this update to make ...

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Paint.NET is coming to Windows 10 Store using Microsoft’s Desktop Bridge

Microsoft Desktop Bridge is a program which allows developers to port their WIN32 /.EXE software to Windows Store. When Microsoft announced Windows 10 S, this is the only option for the developers to get their app working on that version of Windows. Even if it’s not about Windows 10 S,  developers can still get their software to Windows 10 Store ...

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Windows 10 PC Store lets you Buy Xbox One Games

It’s almost a year now Microsoft has been trying hard to blur the line between Devices running Windows 10. It looks like Store Purchases are the first example to that as it now allows you to purchase games for your Xbox from Windows 10 PC. This feature was available on Xbox Live during the Xbox 360 days, and now is ...

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6 Windows 10 Display Settings you should Change to Make it Better


As we know, there are many settings available on Windows 10 that helps us to personalize and jazz up our computer according to the personality. You can change the wallpaper, themes, screen savers and much more to personalize your Windows 10 computer. By the way, you read it right. Windows 10 themes are real and there many available in the ...

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