Paint 3D now offers “Free View” mode which lets you rotate, and insert objects from any angle you want.

If you always wanted to build 3D drawings on your Windows PC without investing in costly software, Microsoft’s Paint 3D is a perfect tool, and it’s going to get even better. A new featured termed as “Free View” will make it to Paint 3D which will enhance the experience of 3D Focus editing using the application.

While editing you already get to rotate objects, but with the Free View update, you will be able to rotate everything together and insert objects in your drawing, in simple words, you will be able to add objects from any angle you want. Check out the video posted by WalkingCat

Apart from inserting, you will be able to resize objects, change direction, and do most of the manipulation needed to actually 3D editing in the real world. The editing experience is even better when you have a touch-based screen. You can use your fingers to zoom-in, rotate around, drag and drop objects, and so on.

You will have to use the “Switch View” button on the app to make the whole thing rotate, You can use the mouse for all those functions, or simply use touch.

This is what was actually expected from Paint 3D, and now it looks futuristic.