Paint.NET is coming to Windows 10 Store using Microsoft’s Desktop Bridge

Microsoft Desktop Bridge is a program which allows developers to port their WIN32 /.EXE software to Windows Store. When Microsoft announced Windows 10 S, this is the only option for the developers to get their app working on that version of Windows. Even if it’s not about Windows 10 S,  developers can still get their software to Windows 10 Store using the Bridge.

Paint.Net, a very popular image editing program, is getting their application to Windows 10 Store using the  Microsoft’s Project Centennial Desktop Bridge. It’s popular, it’s free and it sends out a sign that developers are interested in trying it out. App developer Rick Brewster is going to release 4.0.17 update and then focus just on pushing to Windows Store. This is interesting.

Paint.Net is not the first one to get their app to the store this way. Apps like WhatsApp, Apple iTunes, and recently released Spotify are good examples that more big apps are making their way to the store.

Anther big example is IrfanView. It is a popular software for images which lets you convert image formats on your Windows 10 Device, and it supports a range of file formats. Not only this, I have used this program to create Slideshows as well.

We can only hope that this picks up big time, and compared to Windows 10 Mobile, Windows 10 as desktop software has much better scope than anything else to get developers apps to the store.
via Paint.Net Forum

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