Paint.NET is Now Available in the Windows 10 Store as a Paid App

On June 29th we reported that the popular Paint Application / Image Editing Software Paint.Net will be soon coming to Windows Store. This is now official. The software is now available on the Windows Store at a price of $8.99.Interesting to note that the classic version i.e. the WIN32 which can be downloaded from their website is available for free, but if you download from the Windows 10 Store, you will have to pay.

This has been built using the Microsoft Desktop Bridge. It is a program which allows developers to port their WIN32 /.EXE software to Windows Store. When Microsoft announced Windows 10 S, this is the only option for the developers to get their app working on that version of Windows. Even if it’s not about Windows 10 S,  developers can still get their software to Windows 10 Store using the Bridge.

Officially announced in a blog post, the developers say,

The Store release of Paint.NET is not distributed free-of-charge. This allows many things to converge and solves a lot of problems, while still providing value for new and existing users (err, customers?). The “Classic” release will still be available and kept up-to-date on the same schedule as the Store release.

… Well, I’m not gonna pay for it.

That’s fine. Just use the “Classic” version like you always have. It’s worth checking out what the Store release has to offer though. Maybe you’ll change your mind, but if not … ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

And you can still send a donation if that’s your preferred way of providing financial support. This is actually more effective because Microsoft does take a 30% cut of every transaction that goes through their Store.

Don’t get me wrong: getting donations is actually very rewarding! If someone likes Paint.NET so much that they’re willing to go to the PayPal website, punch in their details, and send me money, then that really says a lot about how much they appreciate it. I’ve had folks tell me that they promise to donate when they have money, and I’ve always told them to just tell all of their friends about it instead and to not feel indebted.

Here is list of features that is exclusive to the Store Release

  • Automatic background updating with no advertisement or prompt to pay.
  • Easy Installation.
  • Reliability as installations won’t break things.


What about plugins?

Plugins are supported for the Store App as well. However, it involves a bit of manual effort. You will need to go to your Documents folder, create a folder called “ App Files”, and then create a folder for each plugin type: Effects, FileTypes, and Shapes. And then put your plugins into each folder just like you’re used to with the Classic release. This does mean that plugins are installed per-user, mind you.
Price: $6.99



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